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11 Burlap and Lace Wedding Ideas

Burlap and lace are very popular and are showing no signs of being off-trend anytime soon. There are endless ways to use these elements in your wedding.

Burlap & lace are perfect together for your wedding. Whether you are going for shabby chic, rustic or simple elegance burlap and lace can be paired in different ways to accomplish the look you are going for.

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Burlap and lace can be used in so many ways from table and reception decorations, a backdrop for your ceremony or even incorporated into your wedding cake. Burlap and lace pair with just about any other colors you might have in your wedding theme.

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Burlap And Lace Wedding Decoration Ideas

Table runner Use a strip of burlap with lace down the middle of the burlap as a table runner on all of your tables.

Flower girl bucket. Use a bucket or pail in either a coordinating color to your theme or a simple metal bucket with a strip of burlap and lace glued around the center. These can also be used for centerpieces at your guest tables as well.

Place cards. Use burlap to make name cards at your tables for your guests to find their seats. These can be simple or elaborate.

Flower vases. Use mason jars decorated with burlap and lace to make centerpieces for your guest tables. They are simple to make and very pretty paired with any flowers.

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Burlap And Lace Wedding Backdrop Ideas

Arch. Wrap burlap and lace around your arch to make your arch have a more romantic look. You can also incorporate your flowers as well.

Drapes. Make your altar background look like a window with drapes of burlap and lace. This is a stunning look.

Strings light. Incorporate strings of lights with the burlap and lace to provide a little more elegance.

Burlap and Lace Wedding Cake Ideas

Burlap ribbon. Use strips of burlap ribbon and wrap it around the base of your cake. In fact, burlap ribbon can be used throughout our wedding for various decor items, especially bouquets.

Burlap bows. A large burlap and lace bow can you used as a cake topper. You could also put them on tables with your centerpieces and other decor items.

Burlap and Lace Flowers. Flowers made out of burlap and lace can be places in your cake as decoration for a unique look.

Cupcake Cake Holder. Use burlap and lace as cupcake holders if you chose to have cupcakes instead of a traditional cake.

What are your favorite burlap and lace wedding ideas? Share in the comments!

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