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12 Beach Wedding Theme Ideas

Nothing says romance like the beach at sunset with the one you love. Beach wedding themes can be done to look elegant as well as fun.

We hope to provide you with all the inspiration you need to plan the perfect beach themed wedding. These accessories will add just what you are looking for to your wedding.

In this article…

We have some great ideas for wedding favors for your guests, table decorations as well as decor in general for your perfect Beach Themed Wedding.

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Beach Themed Wedding Favors For Guests

Lip balm. Making lip balm is actually fairly easy. Make a custom flavor and color, label the tubes with your wedding details to give your guests.

Sunglasses. Create a fun atmosphere for your guests with a variety of really cool sunglasses that your guests can use over and over again.

Can coolers. Have custom can coolers made for your guests to keep their drinks cool and their hands dry during your beach wedding reception.

Bubbles. Bubbles are always fun for anyone of any age and a beach wedding is a great time to bring out the bubbles.

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Beach Themed Wedding Table Decor

Seashells and candles. Make a beautiful arrangement of seashells and candles at the center of each table. Some seaweed greenery would also make for a pretty addition.

A blue table cloth. Use blue tablecloths for a water element at your beach wedding.

Starfish Place cards. Use a small starfish and attach a card with ribbon to use a name tags for your table settings.

Fishbowl. Fill small clear glass bowls with water put a goldfish in each bowl with some colors marbles to match your wedding colors. Make sure your guest take them home at the end of the night.

Beach Themed Wedding Decor Ideas

Flip Flops. Have baskets of flip flops available to give your guests for the reception or even the wedding if your wedding is on the sand.

Driftwood. Use pieces of driftwood to decorate your reception area.

Jars with layered colored sand. Use clear jars and layer with colored sand to match your wedding decor. Add a starfish or sand dollars to complete the look.

Champagne flutes decorated with seashells and pearls. Custom decorate your champagne flutes with small seashells and pearls, you could also glue some sand to the base for a more authentic look.

What are your favorite beach wedding theme ideas? Share in the comments!

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