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12 Paris Wedding Theme Ideas

Dreaming of a Paris wedding? Paris in the springtime is so romantic. Recreate the Paris vibe for your wedding even if you are nowhere near Paris.

Nothing says romance like Paris, from the beauty of the Eiffel Tower to the love locks bridge. Not to mention just the french language itself. Paris is called the “City of Love”

In this article…

Let’s discover what we can do to give that Paris feel to your wedding centerpieces, wedding bouquets, and even to your attire.

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Paris Wedding Centerpieces

Mini Metal Eiffel Towers with Flowers. The Eiffel Tower is recognized by everyone. You can purchase small Eiffel Towers and decorate them with your wedding flowers.

Paris Postcards. Use a variety of Paris postcards on small easels on your tables surrounded by flowers or even strings of pearls.

Bird Cages. Birdcages can give a Paris feel as well. Fill them with flowers, beads or candles.

Love Locks. Decorate the center of your tables with an assortment of locks to represent the love lock bridge. These can double as wedding favors or build something that your guests can sign their names to the locks and attach.

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Paris Wedding Bouquet

Roses. Roses are a classic french look. A simple bouquet of Roses with stems covered with ribbon would be perfect for your Paris themed wedding.

Lily of the valley. Lily of the Valley is a very reasonably priced flower if bought within the season. The French love this flower.

Peony. Peonies in season are beautiful and can come in a coordinating color for your wedding, a soft pink or peach will amazing for your Paris wedding.

Dahlias. Dahlias are another very french flowers that come in a variety of shapes and colors and will be perfect for your bouquet.

Paris Wedding Attire

Athletic or Sporty. French women always like to stay true to themselves when they pick their wedding gowns. Your sporty bride will go for just that exact look.

Silhouette. French women like to keep things simple with their dresses, they like the simple silhouette look.

Calais Lace. French women are also attracted to dress with calais lace on their arms and bare backs.

Open Backs. The deep vee with an open back look is another popular look that French brides desire.

What are your favorite Paris wedding theme ideas? Share in the comments!

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