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16 Woodland Theme Wedding Ideas

If you love this outdoors you may want to consider having a woodland themed wedding. Woodland weddings can be beautiful, but sometimes they can be hard to plan. Here are some great ideas to plan the woodland wedding of your dreams!

The most important part of a woodland wedding is the outdoors. Find a park or maybe a wooded forest that will allow you to have a wedding in that area. Using greenery or wildflowers in your bouquets can add a great touch, as well as using forest green or bright orange for your wedding colors.

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These are only a few ideas of what you could do to make the perfect woodland wedding. Continue reading to find ideas for your colors, reception, and bouquets.

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Woodland Wedding Aisle Ideas

Woodland wedding arch. There are many ways you can make your aisle look like a dreamy forest wedding, starting with your wedding arch. Many people attach flowers or greenery to a rustic wood arch. Your arch can be as simple as a wood frame, nicely decorated with some white ribbons and a greenery garland.

Your greenery can be any shade of green. If you have green as your wedding color you may want a specific kind of branch or leaves that will match. Using white suede as curtains also gives a fairytale woodland look.

Burlap aisle runner. Another great way to give your wedding aisle a woodland touch is with your runner. By using burlap, lace or rose petals, you give a great rustic feel to your wedding. Burlap is very durable and great for indoor or outdoor weddings. It also matches any wedding colors and is versatile for all seasons.

Wooden benches. Using wooden benches or folding chairs for your outdoor woodland wedding is a great way to cheaply get seating for your guests while giving a rustic touch. Wooden benches can be made very easily, and wooden folding chairs can be rented or bought. Benches or chairs can be decorated with ribbons, greenery, or flowers.

Rustic lanterns. Not only do old rustic lanterns look really cool, but they are also perfect for decoration or even lighting for your woodland wedding. Putting lanterns on tables or along your aisle is a great way to display them.

You can also place lit or flameless candles inside of them, allowing for a beautiful outdoor night wedding. Decorative lanterns can be found at some stores, and repurposed ones can be found online or at yard sales in your area.

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Woodland Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Greenery and flowers. Every bouquet has to start with something. In a woodland wedding, you can either have just flowers or greenery, or both! Greenery looks great in a woodland wedding, with the added touch of some wildflowers, daisies, or lavender.

Branches and berries. A great added touch to your woodland bouquet are synthetic branches and berries. They make your bouquet look really pretty and professional looking. You can get these online or at a craft and decor store.

Leaves and feathers. The thought of artificial leaves or feathers in your bouquet might make you cringe, but think again! The addition of leaves or feathers in your woodland wedding bouquet can leave a beautiful and unique touch to your wedding.

Ribbons and burlap. Nothing ties a whole bouquet together better than a large ribbon or piece of burlap. Lace or ribbon is great for any bouquet and comes in any color. White lace is very versatile as it is great for any season or color palette. Burlap is also great for woodland weddings as it adds a rustic touch.

Woodland Wedding Color Schemes

Purple, maroon, and gray. These colors are great for a dark woodland theme. These colors would work well during late summer to early winter. Using lavender and greenery in your wedding would match these colors well. Using silver or rose gold instead of gray would also be pretty.

Navy blue and light pink. This is a great color palette for a spring woodland wedding. These colors are a great balance as the navy is a darker forest color, while the pink is fun and bright. These colors would allow for more flowers and a little greenery for the woodland effect. The addition of gold or silver in the color palette would also work.

Burgundy, black, and greenery. This is a very typical yet beautiful woodland wedding palette. This color scheme combines the colors of the forest to create a very elegant atmosphere. With the addition of burlap and lanterns you could make these colors into a magical late summer or fall wedding.

Gold and pale green. These colors can be very versatile for any season and perfect for woodland weddings. Greenery and burlap will bring all the colors together. The addition of wildflowers or lavender can give a little more color without completely taking away from the main colors.

Woodland Wedding Reception Ideas

Hanging lights. Whether indoor or outdoor, hanging lights is a must. The lights give a whimsical look that will make your reception look magical. It provides lighting at night as well as looking amazing. Hanging rustic lanterns with candles in them is an option, or you can hang stringed lighting.

Candle in a jar. In addition to hanging lights, you can also put small scentless candles into jars and place them at each table and around your reception area. This can add to the lighting and make your wedding even more beautiful.

Smores. Having your guests make their own smores is a really fun idea that is simple and fairly cheap. This is also a great way to keep kids occupied as well as keeping the woodland theme going strong. Simply have a table with all the fixings and guests can make them as they please. If you are having your wedding at a campsite the campfires should already be ready for you.

Greenery garlands. If you have greenery in your wedding, go ahead and place greenery garlands on the tables as decoration. Greenery can be attached to anything, the tables, chairs, place cards, centerpieces, etc. making greenery hoops and ceiling attachments also and great for indoor weddings. If you’re indoors you can use greenery garlands to separate space.

What are your favorite woodland wedding theme ideas? Share in the comments!

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