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3 Tips for Choosing the Menu for Wedding Reception Food

One of the many decisions you’ll have to make during the wedding planning time is the menu for your wedding reception food.

One that that wedding guests often remember is whether the food at the wedding they attended was good or bad. You certainly don’t want to leave bad memories for your guests, so picking your wedding reception food is important. Something to consider when you are choosing your wedding menu is what your guests will like, not necessarily what you like.

Yes, it is your wedding and should include things you like, but you are spending a lot of money so the last thing you want is for guests to hate the food. Here are some tips so that people enjoy your wedding reception food.

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Give Guests a Choice

It’s always a good idea to offer your guests a choice of what they would like to eat for your wedding reception. Many people will offer two types of meat and a vegetarian option.

Also, some people may have food allergies or dietary restrictions, so this way they can choose what they would like to eat.

Keep the Menu Simple

Keeping your menu simple will make guests feel more comfortable and relaxed. Just because you offer a menu that isn’t super fancy doesn’t mean the food won’t still be good.

If your guests are offered something that they’re not sure what it is, they may be reluctant to eat. Therefore, don’t go for things that people can’t identify.

Avoid Messy Foods

Your wedding guests will be wearing their best clothes and the last thing they want is messy foods that could cause stains.

Additionally, don’t forget that you’ll be wearing a white dress (that was probably expensive) and you don’t want any stains either.

In Conclusion

If you’re having a hard time with choosing the menu for wedding reception food, think about what you have had in the past at wedding receptions. Was there anything that you liked or didn’t like about them. That will help you plan your own wedding reception menu.

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