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Are Wedding Registries Tacky?

If you’re wondering “are wedding registries tacky” you’re not the first person to ask this question. It can feel kind of rude and awkward asking people to buy your gifts and telling them exacty what you want.

The answer to the question are wedding registries tacky, really depends on your perspective. By no means do you have to have a wedding registry. You can completely skip it if you want. However, wedding registries are very traditional and most guests expect you to have one.

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Do Guests Expect a Wedding Registry?

In American culture, a wedding registry is not only expected by guests but also much appreciated. It’s customary to buy gifts for people to celebrate major life events such as births, marriage, etc.

Not only do most guests expect a wedding registry, they also greatly appreciate it. They don’t have to worry about buying you something that you already have or trying to come up with ideas of what to get you. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Wedding registries are not viewed as tacky by a majority of people. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. For those who want to purchase a gift, it’s a great help!

How to Have a ‘Less Tacky’ Wedding Registry

Whether you’re setting up a wedding website or simply sending wedding invitations, you can include a short line that says,

Wedding gifts not necessary, but if you would like to know what we need for our new life together, we are registered at ___________.

Another tip for making sure your wedding registry isn’t tacky is to make sure you’re not registering for outrageous items. Your guests might cringe if they see things like an X-Box, the Star War complete movie set, groceries, kids toys, personal hygiene products, etc.

Wedding Registry Alternative Ideas

If the idea of asking for gifts and telling people exactly what you want is too awkard for you, here are some alternative ideas that allow your guests to still give something out of tradition.

Honeymoon fund.

Either on your wedding website or at your wedding reception, you can set up a place where guests can donate to your honeymoon fund. This is a fun way to collect a little extra spending money for the occasion.

If you have a table set up at your reception, it might even be fun to theme the decorate the table themed around the location where you’ll be honeymooning.

This provides an easy and fun way for guests to give a “gift” without making an awkward wedding registry.

Charity gift registry.

Some couples might like to use the gift giving opportunity to support their favorite charity.

One option is to take up a collection at the wedding reception (just like you would for the honeymoon fund) and then give the money to the charity after the wedding is over.Another option is to use a site like The Knot where you can set up online donations to your favorite charities.

Gift Card / Date Night Registry

This is a fun way for guests to surprise you with a gift that isn’t you telling them exactly what to get you.

Ask for guests to give gift cards that you can use as a couple for date nights after the wedding. Guests can be creative by coming up with fun ideas outside of just restaurants. They could get gift cards for movie theaters, theme parks, home improvement stores, streaming services, etc.

What Do You Think About Wedding Registries

So what do you think? Are wedding registries tacky in your opinion?

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below! I’d love to hear all perspectives on this subject.

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