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Can I Get My Ring Dipped in Rose Gold?

Rose gold is a beautiful color that is becoming more and more popular for engagement and wedding bands. If you love rose gold, you may wonder if you can get your existing ring dipped.

So, can you get your ring dipped in rose gold? Yes, you could get your ring dipped in rose gold. But it can be quite expensive. Another downside is that gold is very soft and will easily wear away or scratch off over time. This may require you to have your ring re-dipped every year or every other year which could get pretty expensive.

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How Much Does it Cost to Dip A Ring In Gold?

If you are considering re-setting or dipping your existing wedding ring, you may wonder how expensive it would be. Although the prices can vary, here are some general ideas of how much it would cost.

Yellow gold. Pricing for ring dipping will usually vary by size and what kind of gold you want. A general price point would be around $60. Yellow gold is pretty popular, so the price will most likely be cheaper than white or rose gold. Yellow gold is also a much cheaper material itself so its quality may not be perfect, but you may be able to get a cheaper rate.

White gold. White gold is a much more elegant looking color for your ring. The pricing can be between $60 and $150 depending on if you want a custom quote or if your ring is a certain size.

Rose gold. Rose gold is a beautiful color that is quickly becoming popular in the ring community. Like white gold, expect the price to be between $60 and $150 to dip your existing wedding ring. Note that price could add up as you often have to dip your ring once a year to keep the plating from wearing off over time.

How Often Should You Get Your Ring Dipped?

Like most things, the dipping on your ring will wear off over time. This may leave you to ask how often you should get your ring re-dipped.

Once a year. In most cases, you should try and get your ring dipped every year. This will prevent too much wear and will keep its shiny look. This could get pretty expensive but maybe worth it in the end.

Twice a year. Although the price could add up over time, if you could afford to do so you could get your ring dipped twice a year. After many coats, the ring will no longer wear and will improve the look of your ring.

Every other year. If you don’t have enough money to invest in dipping your ring each year, every other year could work just fine depending on the condition of the ring itself. If your ring doesn’t show any apparent defects or wear and tear, then it could go as long as needed without getting it re-dipped.

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