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Can I Have My Son as Best Man in Wedding?

Depending on your situation you may wonder if your son can be your best man. Although there aren’t any official rules on who can be your best man, here are some popular opinions.

Who you choose to be your best man is completely up to you and your fiance. Having your son take the duties of the best man all depends on your son’s age. If he is younger than 18, this could be kind of difficult. But if you really want your son to be the best man, you could always have another groomsman takes care of the best man’s duties such as holding the rings.

Continue reading for more information on who should be your best man.

Can My 1yr Old Son Be My Best Man?

Kids are adorable, and no doubt you would love to have them in your wedding if you have some little ones. But having little kids in your wedding party can be difficult. Here are some ideas.

Hold them as they walk down the aisle. One of the first problems when having a small baby as your best man is that they may not be able to walk down the aisle. If this is the case, you can have one of the bridesmaids walk him down, or hold him. This would be super cute way to include your young son into the wedding ceremony.

Have a representative of the best man duties. Obviously, a baby couldn’t hold the rings, or perform other best man duties. So if you choose to have your son be your best man, you could have another groomsman perform the duties such as planning the bachelor party and holding the rings.

Who is Usually The Best Man?

With so many choices of who you could have in your wedding these days, you may wonder who is usually the best man anyways? Well here are some common people who take the role of best man at a traditional wedding.

Best friend. Another common best man would be the groom’s best friend. This is seen quite often in a traditional wedding. If a groom doesn’t have any brothers then his wedding party would consist of mostly friends or maybe the bride’s brothers if she has any.

Siblings. A groom’s brother would often be his best man. But if the groom has more than one brother then he may not choose to make only one of them his best man, to avoid conflict and favoritism. The groom then may choose to make all his brother’s best man, or only have them as groomsmen and choose someone else as the best man.

Father of the groom. It’s not uncommon for the father of the groom to be the best man in his son’s wedding. The groom’s wedding party may consist of his father, and siblings or friends. If the groom’s father isn’t the best man, he may be given the role of an usher or another title.

Kids. Something that is beginning to become popular is the groom having his son or daughter as his best man. This can be super cute, especially if they are younger. If the groom decides to have his child be his best man, typically one of the groomsmen will be assigned to performing the best man duties.

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