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Chocolate Wedding Decorations Ideas

A chocolate lovers wedding can is something to be excited about. Chocolates and flowers are two of the most romantic things on the planet. Let’s discover how to make your chocolate wedding a wedding your guests will not forget.

Rich chocolate brown and the ivory color of white chocolate will be a perfect accent to whatever wedding colors you choose. There are so many ways to incorporate chocolate into your theme from flowers, decorations, food, and even wedding favors your guests will love.

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Let’s discover some unique ideas for wedding favor gifts for your guests that are chocolate-themed. These will not be wasted on your guests. Adding chocolate into your decorations is very elegant and adds something different to your wedding experience. Make custom centerpieces for each table with a chocolate element.

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Chocolate Wedding Gift Ideas For Guests

Four Piece box of chocolates. Provide each guest with a box of four custom chocolate pieces made by your local candy shop.

Custom Label Hershey Bars. Print custom labels with your wedding details to wrap around Hershey candy bars.

Container of Hershey Kisses. Fill clear containers with Hershey kisses in a coordinating color.

Richer or Poor Chocolate Coins. Give your guests chocolate coins with the phrase “for richer or poorer”.

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Wedding Chocolate Decoration Ideas

Heart-Shaped Chocolate Stand. Purchase this stand for the center of each of your guest tables. Garnish with flowers and ribbons to match your decor.

Wooden Birdcage Chocolate Display. Here is a birdcage stand for your chocolate centerpiece that can be paired with flowers or greenery to dress it up a bit.

Glass Swan Bowl. Fill this glass swan bowl with a variety of chocolates for the center of each of your tables.

Flowers made out of Chocolate. Place these beautiful chocolate flowers in vases as centerpieces for your tables.

Chocolate Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Chocolate fountain. Have a chocolate fountain for your guests included cubes pieces of cake and different fruits for dipping into the fountain.

Chocolate tray. Add a chocolate tray for your guests to enjoy to go with your chocolate-themed wedding.

Tower of chocolate. Have a chocolate tower of different chocolate flavors for your guests to enjoy.

Flower candy dish. Have a clear dish filled with chocolate candies then add some flowers on top of them.

What are your favorite chocolate wedding decorations ideas? Share in the comments!

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