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How Long Does it Take to Tailor a Suit for the Groom?

Making custom suits for the groom or groomsmen can be a stressful time. Trying to get the right tailor to make the suit, and get it done in time for the wedding. Here is the general time frame to expect when getting a suit custom tailored.

So, how long does it take to tailor a suit for the groom? Expect in between six to eight weeks at most. If your tailor has many other clients, it can take a while to get the job completed. In the best-case scenario it may only take two weeks to get the job done. Make sure to plan ahead for at least a two-week allowance for the suit to get tailored.

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How Much Does it Cost to Get a Suit Tailored?

When considering getting your wedding suit custom tailored, you may wonder how much it will actually cost. Although it all depends on your tailor and their pricing, here is a general idea of how much it will cost.

$65 or cheaper. There are really two price ranges for getting your suit custom tailored. The less you want to be done, the less it will cost. If you only want one piece of your suit tailored, it will cost from $20 to $50. Keep in mind pricing will vary depending on your tailor. If you need a lot of things altered on your suit, expect a bigger more expensive bill. If you only need something like the sleeves fixed, then it could be as cheap as $20.

$100 or more. The more expensive side would be from $100 or higher. If you want your whole suit to be tailored, it could get as expensive as $300 to $400. Depending on where you get your suit done, the most you should pay is around $100. But if you want a more high-end tailor it could cost a lot more.

How Much Should Alterations Cost?

Not everyone wants a fancy custom suit, instead, you may want some simple alterations. This could be a whole different price range compared to having a custom suit. Here are some price ranges.

Jacket. Generally, the jacket or vest is what needs to alter most of the time. Just the jacket alteration, in general, will be around $20 to $50 depending on what seams need altered and such. More specifics like sleeves can cost more or less depending on your tailor.

Sleeves. Taking in sleeves will cost only about $20. This isn’t such a big ordeal and could easily be done for $20 or less. If you already are having alterations on other parts of the jacket, they would add an extra $20 to the bill.

Shoulders. Adjusting the shoulders will only cost around $40 depending on your tailor’s rates. If there are plenty of adjustments that need to be done on your suit, expect a total of around $100 or a little more. This is much cheaper than a custom made suit, as they can cost as much as $500.

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