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How Much Does a Wedding Cake Cost on Average?

If you are getting a wedding cake for your wedding you may wonder how much it will cost you. There are so many kinds of wedding cakes, your imagination is the limit! So continue reading to find out how much your wedding cake may cost you.

On average, a wedding cake will cost between $350 and $450. This all depends on many things. If you want one layer, simple, small cake it will cost you less than a three-tiered flavored cake with elaborate designs and decor.

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Continue reading to find out more information on buying a cake for your wedding reception.

When to Order Wedding Cake?

Depending on the bakery and what kind of cake you want, you may want to order your wedding cake around 6 months before your wedding. Some bakeries can be booked up with orders for quite a while, especially one that is popular in your area.

If you want a very simple cake, that is small and easy to make you could probably wait 4 months before your wedding. But you will have to risk not getting your cake in time, so better safe than sorry. If you are having your wedding during the wedding season then you may want to order your cake around January.

The least popular wedding months such as January, March, April, and May are good months to order and book things because they have low demand and sometimes prices get dropped some.

How to Save Money on Wedding Cakes

Making your wedding cake as simple as you can is a good way to save money. Using simple flavors, designs, and sizes can be a huge relief on your budget. Having a naked cake is also a good idea as it has little frosting and is easy to make yourself if you find it cheaper than a bakery.

Making your own wedding cake is also a good way to save money. Even if you know someone who makes cakes it would be a good alternative as they could possibly make one for a cheaper price.

Using simple, natural decor is another way. Using greenery, flowers, and other cheap decor pieces would help and also give a rustic feel to your wedding cake. Artificial flowers and greenery can be bought online for a cheap price, as well as simple wedding toppers.

Share your best wedding cake tips and experiences in the comments!

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