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How to Fix Too Much Cleavage in Wedding Dress?

Even after you have found your perfect wedding dress, there can be the problem of having a neckline that isn’t very modest for your wedding. Thankfully there is an easy way to fix too much cleavage being shown on your wedding dress. 

So, how do you fix too much cleavage in a wedding dress? There are a few ways to fix the uncomfortable amount of cleavage on your wedding dress. Firstly, you could see if any kind of alterations could be done to bring the dress up higher. If this isn’t possible, you could add a sheer or lace top that will cover the unwanted amount of skin. There are also wraps, boleros, and shawls that can be worn that will hide your top half well. 

What Are the Different Necklines for Wedding Dresses?

When picking your wedding dress, you may want to be familiar with the different styles of necklines especially if you want something a little more modest. Here are some popular wedding dress necklines. 

Sweetheart. This neckline is one you typically see on a strapless wedding dress. This is very popular and you can get nearly every style of dress with this neckline. This style got its name from the curved line that resembles the top of a heart. 

Straight. This neckline is also quite popular for a strapless or sleeveless dress. The straight neckline had become quite popular and is quite similar to the sweetheart neckline. The style is basically the same but doesn’t have the heart-shaped curves at the top. 

Illusion. This neckline has become very popular recently and is a great modest alternative to the sweetheart neckline. An illusion neckline is when it looks as if you have a certain neckline, but there is actually a sheer or lace layer covering the exposed skin. 

What Are Some Modest Wedding Dress Styles?

If you want a modest wedding dress for your wedding, it can be difficult to find something that fits your style. Here are several wedding dress styles and options for your modest wedding dress. 

Maxi. A maxi wedding dress is a simple long dress that can be either loose or tight-fitting. There are many styles of a maxi wedding dress, but a long sleeve or ¾ sleeved style is usually the most modest. Depending on what you are looking for, a maxi style dress will usually be ideal as there are many maxi style dresses that would be perfect for anyone. 

A-line princess. A princess style dress is a very beautiful option. Princess dresses are typically tight-fitting at the top and more open and flowing at the bottom. Although you can get an a-line princess dress in many designs, it is common to find the top more open and sleeveless or strapless. 

Vintage. Like the styles above, there are many options within the original style. Vintage wedding dresses are no different, and even though you can find quite modest dresses it is common to find something more open and elaborate. Most modest vintage dresses are very simple and have little design but still have the elegant vintage feel. 

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