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How to Hide Back Fat in Wedding Dress

Nothing is more annoying when you have found the perfect dress, but you still have the unwanted fat in the back of your dress. Although there are very few solutions for this other than losing weight, here are a few ideas that should hopefully help your situation. 

So, how do you hide back fat in a wedding dress? Back fat can be hidden depending on the dress you have. If you have a more loose dress, instead of a tight fitted one, you may be able to hide it better. If you can’t get another dress, you could try wearing a bolero, sweater, or longer veil that will cover all the way down your back. 

Continue reading for more on how to hide fat in your wedding dress. 

How Can I Hide My Belly Fat in My Wedding Dress?

Not feeling confident in your wedding dress isn’t a great feeling, so here are some ways to help you feel slimmer and better in your wedding dress, as well as take care of that dreaded belly fat!

Loose dress. Tight-fitting wedding dresses show belly fat the most. If you want a slimmer look, try a more loose-fitting dress with a belt or accessories. An a-line or empire style dress is perfect for an elegant looking wedding dress that still hides the unwanted belly fat. 

Belt. Sometimes wearing a belt with your wedding dress can distract from your belly fat. Things like wide belts or long necklaces can also distract from the areas you are trying to hide. If most of your fat is in the back or up closer to your neck, you could try things like longer veils or boleros. 

Add accessories. Accessories are a great way to hide your fat that and cheaper and more comfortable than shapewear. Wearing things like long necklaces, belts, sweaters, and even earrings can easily distract people from seeing your unwanted areas. 

Also, if you’re wondering about how to fix too much cleavage in your wedding dress, here is a helpful article.

Should I Wear Shapewear Under My Wedding Dress?

Shapewear is typically worn to smooth out lines and cover up unwanted fat being shown through your wedding dress. Although wearing shapewear on your big day is completely up to you, here are some pros and cons. 

Pros. There can be many advantages to wearing shapewear under your wedding dress such as hiding extra fat and weight, smoothing out lines, and perfecting the overall shape of your dress. If you are planning to wear a tight-fitting dress such as a sheath or mermaid style dress, you may want to wear shapewear if you aren’t naturally slim. 

Cons. Shapewear can be extremely uncomfortable to wear, especially for long periods of time. Depending on how tight your shapewear is, it could also lead to health problems as it could damage nerves. It could also cause swelling, bloating, acid reflux, and other compression related problems. But if you are only planning on wearing shapewear for a few hours, then it shouldn’t be a problem. It all depends on if you are comfortable with wearing these types of garments, and if it fits your needs. 

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