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Is It OK to Send Wedding Invitations by Email?

It’s true. Wedding invitations are kind of expensive so it’s not unreasonable to think of ways to cut corners and save some money. Therefore, you might be wondering is it ok to send wedding invitations by email instead of paying to have paper invitations printed and paying for postage.

So, is it OK to send wedding invitations by email? Of course, it’s okay if that’s what you want to do, but for an event as important as your wedding, it seems like having it on paper makes it more serious. You can find cheaper ways of sending invitations, but I don’t think forgoing the actual paper invitation should be an option, in my opinion.

There are certain times and events in one’s life where keeping certain traditions is a good thing to do. Your wedding is one of those times when you are publically recognizing your marriage to your spouse, which makes it pretty important to commemorate. Also, if you are having a formal wedding, then stick with the formal tradition of sending an actual paper invitation.

We haven’t even mentioned that your email invite could get lost in someone’s spam folder. What kind of family drama might come if great aunt Karen’s invitations went to spam but she thought you never invited her!

Why Not Do Both? Email Save the Date and Paper Mail the Invitation

One area where I think you could definitely save money is with the save-the-date cards. These are usually sent months before the actual wedding and are nothing more than a card with the wedding date on it. This could definitely be an email (or social media post for that matter).

Additionally, you can email following the invitations being mailed with reminders for your guests to RSVP either online or with the instructions that we included on the wedding invitation.

Find Economical and Ethical Options Instead

If you’re thinking of emailing your wedding invitations for economical reasons, there are some pretty inexpensive wedding invitations on Amazon that you could print for yourselve and a much better price point.

Check out this option for example! You get 50 laser cut invitation pockets, 50 blank Pearlescent inner sheets, 50 blank samll/RSVP cards, 50 ivory Self-adhesive bowknot, 50 envelopes, and 50 envelope seals for just over $1 per card. It’s a really good price when you compare to other highend invitations.

Perhaps the issue isn’t so much with the money as it is with the eco friendliness of paper, there are some really great wedding invitations made with recycled, seeded paper. This option for example is made with plantable 100% recycled paper and is embeded with wildflower seeds!

If you have more ideas of ways to formally send wedding invitations (instead of sending an email), feel free to leave a comment below with your idea!

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