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Is It Tacky to Use Fake Wedding Flowers?

Weddings can be expensive and it’s tempting to cut corners. One of the most expensive parts of the wedding is flowers, so I looked for some alternatives.

So is it tacky to use fake flowers in a wedding? Some fake, low-quality flowers look tacky and should not be used. However, you can get some very nice, real-looking flowers and no one will know the difference. You also have the option to mix real and fake flowers in your ceremony and reception.

There are actually a lot of really great and inexpensive options for flowers. You just need to do a little research and using your resourcefulness. Here are some ideas for you.

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Saving Money on Wedding Flowers

Whether you decide to go with fake or real flowers, there is a seasonality that will fluctuate throughout the year. Her are some great ideas for finding flowers throughout the year and how to use them in the most inexpensive way.

Real Flowers in Season

If you want roses in July, you’re right in season which means the cost will likely be a lot cheaper than if you tried to order them in December.

Some other benefits to using real flowers in your wedding is that they often look nicer and the give off a pleasant aroma. Also, it’s a nice touch to be able to give away your flowers to hospitals and care centers after your wedding.

Another idea is for your reception centerpieces, instead of buying more floral arrangements, visit a garden center and buy potted plants. This might be difficult depending on the season you’re in. The plants could then be given to people who have helped you with your wedding.

You can also save money on real flowers by arranging them yourself instead of have the florist do it. This can be super simple and fun! Invite all your girlfriends over for a flower party a few days before the wedding and have fun making your own beautiful arrangements.

Here is a helpful list of inexpensive wedding flowers available by season:


  1. Ranunculus

  2. Grasses

  3. Anemone

  4. Carnation

  5. Freesia

  6. Gerber Daisy

  7. Grape Hyacinth

  8. Fuji Mum

  9. Hyacinth

  10. Gladiolus

  11. Hypericum Berries

  12. Larkspur

  13. Phlox

  14. Poppy

  15. Rose

  16. Scabiosa Pods

  17. Stock

  18. Tulip

  19. Allium

  20. Juniper

  21. Andromeda

  22. Jasmine

  23. Snowberry

  24. Lilac

  25. Spirea

  26. Veronica


  1. Ranunculus

  2. Grasses

  3. Asiatic Lily

  4. Bells of Ireland

  5. Carnation

  6. Craspedia

  7. Gerber Daisy

  8. Gladiolus

  9. Hypericum Berries

  10. Larkspur

  11. Lisianthus

  12. Phlox

  13. Poppy

  14. Rose

  15. Scabiosa Pods

  16. Snapdragon

  17. Sunflower

  18. Sinnia

  19. Allium

  20. Aster

  21. Astilbe

  22. Chrysanthemum

  23. Cosmos

  24. Gomphrena

  25. Lavendar

  26. Lupine

  27. Marigold

  28. Red Valerian

  29. Jasmine

  30. Lilac

  31. Spirea

  32. Veronica


  1. Ranunculus

  2. Anemone

  3. Carnation

  4. Gerber Daisy

  5. Grape Hyacinth

  6. Lisianthus

  7. Rose

  8. Scabiosa Pods

  9. Snapdragon

  10. Sunflower

  11. Sinnia

  12. Aster

  13. Astilbe

  14. Chrysanthemum

  15. Cosmos

  16. Gomphrena

  17. Marigold

  18. Pepperberries

  19. Jasmine

  20. Veronica

data provided by


  1. Anemone

  2. Juniper

  3. Pepperberries

  4. Jasmine

  5. Snowberry

  6. Veronica

Some Real, Some Fake

To save a little money, it’s perfectly fine to mix real with fake flowers. Plus, you can find some great deals by hitting end of season sales at craft stores! Be sure to check out places like Joann’s and Michael’s who always have coupons for addition percentages off.

You could have all the main floral bouquets and corsages made with real flowers. Then have all the decorations and centerpieces made with silk flowers.

Another option is to have the bride’s bouquet made with real flowers and everything else made with silk flowers.

All Fake Flowers

It’s true that fake flowers can be just as expensive as real flowers, however if you buy them at the right time of year you can get some really goo coupons.

Check out the craft stores at the end of each season to see what’s in stock.

The other benefit to fake flowers is you can arrange them months before the actual wedding, whereas real flowers will need arranged a couple days before. Talk about high stress 😉

Types of Silk Artificial Flowers

Real touch flowers are a little more expensive than regular silk flowers but they you give a more realistic look. The texture of real touch flowers are more realistic and the colors are much more vibrant.

What are real touch flowers made of? Most real touch flowers are made of silk and coated with liquid polymers The polymer mixture is applied to the silk flower in layers, making the flower supple and flexible.

Burlap flowers are made from burlap bags and are available in a lot of different colors! They give a very rustic feel and look beautiful paired with some lace.

Wooden flowers are also a great option that can come in a variety of colors. These flowers will make a lovely keepsake that will also last for years to come.

What is More Expensive: Silk Flowers or Real Flowers?

As a general rule of thumb, flowers will cost around 10% of your entire wedding budget. You’ll probably be looking for anyway you can to bring down that cost.

Whether or not real flowers are cheaper than silk really depends on the type of flowers and the season.

For example, one person might find fake hydrangeas at a craft store for $5 a stem but the local florist sells fresh hydrangeas for $2 a stem. Obvious choice on price, right?!

However, another bride wanted an out of season flower for her bouquets and it was going to cost an arm and a leg to have them imported. So, she went to Joann’s and bought silk flowers on sale (plus an additional coupon) for $1-2 a stem. Boom!

You’ll have to do some researching. Many brides have gotten better discounts by ordering fresh or silk flowers online. You can also save by putting together the arrangements yourself.

Average Cost of Wedding Flowers

According to a guide put together by WeddingWire, the average cost of flowers for weddings is around $1,400. The average cost for the brides bouquet is $150 whereas the bridesmaids are half the price at $75.

You can choose to hire a florist which will help you save time in the long end. Your florist will do more than just make the arrangements. Here is a list of other things they will do:

  1. Find out what you like. Your florist will start with a consultation to find out what you like, your colors, style, etc.

  2. Make the floral order within budget. Once you’ve selected your flowers, your florist will make the order for you, being sure to stay within your selected budget.

  3. Keep the flowers fresh with proper storage. Fresh flowers will only look beautiful for so long. Your florist will store them for you at the optimal temperatures so that they look perfect on your big day.

  4. Create the arrangements. You can go cheaper by doing the arrangements yourself, but if it’s within budget, why not have your florist do it for you?

  5. Delivery to your venue(s). No need to worry about forgetting a bouquet or centerpieces. Your florist will keep your timetable and have your flowers delivered when and where you need them.

Using Fake Flowers for Wedding Centerpieces

There are a few different ways that you can use fake flowers for centerpieces without making them look tacky.

All you need is some vases (traditional or non-traditional), a few stems and some greenery.

Consider using canning jars, metal pails, flower pots, etc. as a different twist to your floral arrangement. For the most “real” look, DO NOT just take one flower and stick it in a vase. Fill it with some silk Baby’s Breath flowers or other greenery to make it look full and beautiful.

Also, you can get some scented spray for your silk flowers to make them smell good too!

Another idea is to just sprinkle flower petals on the tables and use something different as the centerpiece.

Related Questions

What are traditional wedding flowers? The top five most popular wedding flowers are roses, tulips, calla lilies, lily of the valley, and hydrangeas. You’ll be able to find these flowers at different times of the year.

Who all wears flowers at a wedding? It’s completely up to the bride and groom about who should wear flowers. Usually, the parents, grandparents, any other immediate family members who are not in the wedding party, ushers, and the ceremony readers wear flowers.

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