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Lace Wedding Dress Alterations: How to Shorten a Lace Dress

You might be wondering if it’s possible to shorten a lace wedding dress? It can look a little tricky and you might be worried about it looking okay.

So, how do you shorten a lace dress? The most common way to shorten a lace wedding dress is to take the dress in at the seam by the bodice. Another way is to carefully remove the lace applique, hem the dress, and carefully sew the lace back in place.

Here are some helpful tips and things to know about how to shorten a lace wedding dress.

How to Shorten a Scallop Hem Wedding Dress

It can be nerve-wracking to need your scallop hem wedding dress altered and hemmed. But, no fear, there is almost no alteration that a good seamstress can’t make.

The best and easiest option is to take out the hem at the bodice and shorten the length of the dress there. This way you don’t have to cut or alter the scallop edges at the bottom of the dress.

Here is a great video demonstrating another way that you can shorten a scallop lace wedding dress.

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