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Tips for Bridal Portraits That Stand the Test of Time

You’re about to take the plunge into marriage and walk down the aisle to the man of your dreams in a dress you’ve been dreaming of for years. You’ll want to capture every moment and a great place to start is with a bridal portrait photoshoot.

A bridal portrait is a formal picture of the bride in her wedding dress. These pictures are usually taken a few days or weeks before the wedding.

You want your bridal portraits to stand the test of time, along with all of your wedding pictures. Bridal portraits are something you want to plan ahead of time so that you can have fun with it by trying different locations and poses! It’ll be worth it when the pictures come back after the wedding!

The Good Ol’ Budget

One thing that you’ll need to take into consideration is how much you’re willing to spend on your bridal portraits? Many wedding photography packages include bridal portraits and come in all shapes and sizes.

If you can afford to several thousand dollars, you should get your money’s worth with whoever you choose to go with. Many of these firms at that price point will send three to four photographers who will catch every shot from every angle. You may end up with more than you bargained for!

Some of these companies will even throw in a videographer for just a little extra, which kills two birds with one stone. However, for around one thousand dollars, you can get a good amount of photos, especially if you discuss in advance with your photographer which moments are most important to you.

Of course, you can always just hire a friend, but only if you trust them completely. Nothing worse than relying on a pal to document the big day, only to find out later that missed a few important things

The Process

Once you’ve decided how much you’ll spend on your bridal portraits, you need to think about how you would like things done. Make sure to ask your wedding photographer these 46 important questions to find out if they are the right person for the job

In addition to taking your bridal portraits, are you comfortable with them also taking pictures during the ceremony? Would you prefer family shots to take place before or after the wedding?

Some prefer to do the shots with bridesmaids and groomsmen, as well as close family, before the wedding so that everyone looks fresh and beautiful. However, for the superstitious in the crowd, bridal portraits should take place after the ceremony, so the groom can’t see the bride beforehand!

Your big day is one you’ll remember forever. However, just in case you’d like to show your kids pictures of you looking fabulous in a wedding dress, it’s important to plan your bridal portraits ahead of time. If you can do that, your bridal portraits will be conveying your sweet memories for years and years to come!

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