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Unique Wedding Ring Ideas for Him and Her

Wedding rings have long stood for fidelity and unending love between two people. They are exchanged on the wedding day and are both special and unique to the couple. You can get many unique wedding ring ideas that will relate to both bride and groom and their relationship.

Here are some really cool and unique wedding ring ideas for him and her that will stand the test of time and be unique to the special couple. You can get unique wedding rings made from stunning metals such as gold, titanium, platinum, rose gold, or white gold. You can also have special stones on your wedding rings such as diamonds, pearls, emeralds, and even sapphires.

You can find unique wedding rings in various places such as Etsy, Amazon, or even a local jeweler who can custom design a ring for you.

How Can I Make My Wedding Ring Unique?

There are many different styles of wedding rings, but the most popular, especially for men, is the plain gold band. For those who want to find unique wedding ring ideas, the market is ripe with possibilities. Having something a little bit different can really look stunning and stand out from the rest.

Typically, women’s wedding rings will be a solitaire diamond and men’s wedding rings are a simple band. There are various things you could do to make your ring stand out.

Color. Instead of getting the typical gold or silver band, you could consider getting a black or wood grain band. You could even get have your ring contain multiple colors.

Engraving. Having special designs or words engraved into your ring could set your ring apart from most typical rings.

Unique Jewels. Instead of a typical diamond, you could pick something special like pearls, black pearls, rubies, emeralds, and more. This will make your ring stand out different from the status quo.

If you are looking for some specific ideas, check out these unique wedding rings for her and him below! Getting a unique wedding ring is also a great way to make your wedding special. Maybe you decided to save money by having a courthouse wedding but decided to splurge on a unique ring that will last a lifetime.

Also, I would love to see your ideas in the comments below!

Unique Wedding Rings for Her

Here are some really great unique wedding rings for women that will make the bride unique and set apart from every other woman and be something special. Any of these rings will be unique and beautiful for the bride to commemorate her marriage.

Pear Shape Vintage Rose Gold & Black Ring

The stone of the divine. This gem is a beacon of life. With its powerful angelic energy, the stone strengthens the aura by stabilizing emotions and relationships. The reverberating vibes help to maintain an equilibrium within your emotional and physical surroundings.

Jeulia Floral Leaf Carved Ring Band Sterling Silver Rose Gold Two Tone

The Jeulia Vintage band with top-quality AAA Jeulia stone always goes well with 925 sterling silver rings. Have a resplendent sparkling and reflect rainbow gloss in the sunshine. Nickel-free, Lead-free, Cadmium-free, and Anallergic, tarnish resistant, and will not easily change color.

Sterling Silver 1 Carat Black & White Diamond Ring

This sterling silver black & white diamond ring is graceful and elegant; every black and white diamond is placed with precision for an eye-catching flair. Accessorize your life with a ring you love to show off.

Aquatic Green Moss Agate Ring Sterling Silver Pear Shaped

Every moss agate is natural, No two moss agate stones are the same, making each one unique. Moss agate brings calm and helps draw us closer to nature. It makes us feel more patient when we need to disconnect from the chaos and bustle of the modern world.

Unique Wedding Rings for Him

Unique Rustic Men’s Ring Made with Silver and Copper

Handmade ring with a combination of silver and copper. An unusual appearance. Very comfortable, wearable, and unique for any groom.

Meteorite Rings for Men Koa Wood Ring with Arrow Inlay Men’s Tungsten Ring

Visually stunning – this tungsten Koa wood & meteorite ring looks even better in person. The unique arrow, Koa wood, and imitated meteorite inlays have an eye-catching design and create an undeniable presence on your finger. The Koa wood exudes a warm rich brown color with organic wood grain patterns. It adds a dimension of masculine rustic appeal to the wedding band.

Damascus Ring with Wood Inlay Bourbon Barrel Ring

For the modern couple who desires a wedding ring that breaks free from the mundane, this unconventional reclaimed whiskey barrel wood and Damascus steel ring checks all of the boxes. Reclaimed small batch whiskey wood is derived from aged casks in Tennessee and has a remarkable color profile that accentuates the Damascus steel band. It really gives you the “WOW” factor and is something you won’t find at a local jeweler!

Deer Family Tungsten Rings for Men Women KOA Wood Inlay

Koa Wood & Deer Family Inlay Black Tungsten Ring.The tungsten wedding band is combined with a variety of natural elements. This combination creates a rugged and elegant style, which is very suitable for hunters or outdoor enthusiasts.

Remember, maybe these rings don’t fit perfectly when you first get them but you can easily get your ring resized before the special day!

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