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Wedding Alterations: How to Shorten a Veil

Getting your wedding attire to be the right size a length can be very important, especially your veil. If you are considering shortening your wedding veil, here are some ideas on how to do so. 

So how do you shorten a wedding veil? A wedding veil can be easily altered by either you or a seamstress. Simply cut off the desired length and then add a lace trim to cover up the raw edges. This is very simple to do either by hand or with a sewing machine. Just make sure you know what materials you are working with. 

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How Much Should I Spend On My Wedding Veil?

Wedding veils can make for a beautiful accessory for your wedding attire. But like most things at a wedding, the price can add up. Here is an idea of how much you can budget for your wedding veil. 

$25 or less. If you want a simple wedding veil, you could get one for as cheap as $15 to $20 at an online store such as Amazon. There are many different styles and qualities, so keep in mind that a cheaper veil wouldn’t be as durable or extravagant. 

$25 or more. A wedding veil that costs between $25 and $100 would be more of a middle ranged veil. It would be a little more durable and fancy, while still being in a more reasonable price range. You could get a veil in this price range online or at a local bridal store. Although your location and store will vary on pricing. 

$200 or more. A veil that is between $200 and $400 is a much more higher-end piece that is normally longer, made with more expensive materials, and is more durable. If you want a veil that will last and could even be passed down at some point, paying more for a veil may be worth it. If you want a more elegant looking veil, you will most likely have to pay more. 

Why Do Brides Wear Veils?

Although not all brides choose to wear veils, it is fairly common. You may wonder what the history behind the veil is all about. Well here are some facts about the wedding veil. 

Symbolism. The wedding veil was a custom that began back in ancient Roman times. Because of their religion, they believed that the veil would protect the couple from spiritual harm. But later on, the veil had a new meaning, purity. The veil now is a symbol of the bride’s purity and modesty. Also when the bride has her veil covering her face, it is used to that the groom could reveal her face during the ceremony. 

Accessorization. Although many people no longer know of the symbolism of the veil, it is often used as an accessory with the gown, which makes a beautiful addition to the wedding attire. Veils are quite traditional pieces and if you see a bride choosing not to wear one, it may be that she wanted a more modern wedding.

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