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What Are The Requirements to Get Married in Alabama?

If you live in Alabama and are just engaged, you’re probably wondering what the laws and requirements are for getting married and obtaining a marriage license.

So what are the requirements to get married in Alabama? In order to get married in Alabama, you must be 16 years old with parental consent. There is no residency rules, blood test, or waiting period to get married in Alabama. Marriage licenses cost $70 to $104 depending on what county you apply in.

That’s the quick and easy answer, however, if you are interested in reading more detail, I’ve covered more on what the marriage laws are of getting married in Alabama below.

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At What Age Can You Get Married in Alabama?

The minimum age to get married in Alabama is 16 years old with the consent of a parent or guardian. Additionally, the teen between 16 and 18 years old is to be married, they must pay $200 to the state of Alabama.

People 18 and older do not need consent to marry in Alabama.

Here is the official wording:

If the person intending to marry is at least 16 years of age and under 18 years of age and has not had a former wife or husband, the judge of probate shall require the consent of the parents or guardians of the minor to the marriage, to be given either personally or in writing, and, if the latter, the execution thereof shall be proved. The judge of probate shall also require a bond to be executed in the penal sum of two hundred dollars ($200), payable to the State of Alabama, with condition to be void if there is no lawful cause why such marriage should not be celebrated. AL Code § 30-1-5 (2013)

What Documents Do You Need to Get Married in Alabama?

Each county will have their own rules for the types of documentation they require to get married, however here is a general idea of what you’ll be asked to provided.

First, both parties must be present to purchase a marriage license. Also, if you have been divorced for less than 60-days, you are prohibited from purchasing a marriage license unless you are remarrying your spouse.

If you are divorced and it has been longer than 60-day since the divorce, you must provide a copy of your divorce decree at the time or purchasing a new marriage license.

Additionally, you will need to provide identification that includes your full and correct legal name. This can be a valid driver’s license, passport, military ID, an original certified copy of state-issued birth certificate, other state-issued ID, U.S. Government issued ID (including Green Card, VISA, Alien Resident Card, etc.).

Any acceptable positive identification would be an official governmnet-issued identification that provides sufficient proof that the applicant is who the applicant represents he or she is.

How Much Does a Marriage License Cost in Alabama?

The cost for a marriage license in the state of Alabama ranges from $70 to $104 depending on what county you live in.

It’s also important to know that not all counties issue marriage licenses. However, you do not have to be a resident of the county in which your marriage license is issued in.

Here is the list of counties in Alabama and the information I could find for how much marriage licenses cost. Also, I’ve linked to the county’s Probate Office so you can read more information about their requirements.

Please be sure to contact your county probate office beforehand to verify any information you see here as it’s difficult to keep up with any changes that may happen.

Can You Get Married At the Courthouse in Alabama?

You can get married at some courthouses in Alabama however, there are many counties that are no longer allowing marriage ceremonies in the courthouse. You’ll need to call your local county probate office to find out what is allowed in your county.

Thankfully, if you wish to have a courthouse wedding in Alabama, you can go to another county to be married. Alabama does not have any residency restrictions and therefore you can get married in any county you please.

Is There a Waiting Period to Get Married in Alabama?

You do not have to wait any period of time after recieving your marriage license to be married in Alabama.

However, you do only have 30 from the time your license was issued to get married, so don’t wait too long

The only other time you may need to wait is if you are recently divorced. You must wait until 60-days after your divorce is final to file for another marriage license unless you are remarrying your spouse.

Who Can Marry You in Alabama?

According to AL Code § 30-1-7 (2013), in general the following persons are permitted to officiate weddings in the state of Alabama:

  1. any licensed minister of the Christian church or society of which the minister is a member

  2. an active or retired judge of the Supreme Court

  3. an active or retired judge of the Court of Criminal Appeals

  4. an active or retired judge of the Court of Court of Civil Appeals

  5. an active or retired judge of the Court of any circuit court or any district court within the state

  6. a judge of any federal court

  7. an active or retired judge of probate

Additionally, marriages may also be solemnized by the pastor of any religious society according to the rules ordained or customs of the society he belongs to. The clerk or keeper of the minutes of each society is required to keep a register and enter therein a particular account of all marriages solemnized by the society, which register, or a sworn copy thereof, is presumptive evidence of the fact.

Lastly, Mennonites, Quakers, or any other Christian society having similar rules or regulations, may solemnize marriage according to their forms by consent of the parties, published and declared before the congregation assembled for public worship.

Can You Legally Marry your Cousin in Alabama?

The laws across the United States differ greatly regarding whether cousins can marry or not.

In Alabama, it is permitted to marry your first cousin, second cousin, first-cousin-once-removed, half-cousin, and adopted cousin.

Additionally, same-sex marriage is legal in Alabama.

How Long Do You Have to Be Together for Common Law Marriage in Alabama?

In the state of Alabama, as of January 1, 2017, common law marriage is no longer recognized. Any common law marriages that took place before 2017 are still valid.

A common law marriage is a marriage where the couple live together for usually a prolonged period of time so that their friends, family and the community believe them to be married. However, they never actually had a marriage ceremony or obtained a marriage license.

Contrary to popular belief, there was no set number of years that was legally considered a common law marriage (although most people assumed approximately seven years).

The reason for this change?

The problem, according to lawmakers, comes when a union ends and one party contends they were in a common-law marriage while the other says they were not. Judges can look to things such as joint bank accounts or purchasing a home together, but questions regarding alimony and palimony often arise. source

Disclosure: It is almost impossible for me to keep up with changing state and county marriage license requirements. The information provided in this article should be used for guidance only and not as legal advice. Please contact your local probate office or visit the Alabama Public Health website for more information.

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