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What to Wear to Try on Wedding Dresses

Trying on wedding dresses can be a fun time and but it’s important to wear the right garments to make sure your dress fits as you’ll want on your wedding day.

So what should I wear to try on wedding dresses? When you go to try on wedding dresses for the first time, you’ll want to wear a nude color bra, either strapless or with removable straps and white or nude color underwear. Also, you should wear the style of shoes, hair, and makeup you plan to wear on your wedding day.

Choosing your wedding gown will be much easier if you are prepared with the right undergarments and shoes. Here are some of the recommendations I’ve seen.

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What to Wear Under a Wedding Dress

When it comes to trying on wedding dresses, you should think about what you’ll wear on your actual wedding day. You’ll want to match the fit of the dress which makes you feel comfortable. You’ll be wearing this dress for hours, so you want to make sure you’ll be comfortable in it.

Additionally, the style of dress you end up with will determine what you wear underneath. For example, if you want a strapless dress, you’ll want a strapless bra. If you’re going with a mermaid style dress, you’ll want seamless underwear.

You also need to think about the type of shoes you will want to wear. It doesn’t have to be the exact shoes you plan to wear on your wedding day, but if you want heels, bring heels… if you want ballet flats, bring flats.

You may want to ask the bridal store ahead of time as they may provide bras and slips for you to wear as you try on dresses if you’re comfortable with that. Also, keep in mind that some dresses have a built in bra so you may be asked to remove your bra to get an accurate fit.

Lastly, some shops will want to help you change in and out of dresses, so wear undergarments that you feel comfortable wearing in front of strangers. However, for the more modest, many shops will allow you to change in private and then they’ll just help you fasten the back. No shop should make you do anything you aren’t comfortable doing.

What Kind of Bra Should I Wear to Try on Wedding Dresses?

Don’t stress too much about the type of bra you should wear to try on wedding dresses. Women have worn all types and made it work in one way or another.

Here are the different options for what bra you should wear to try on wedding dresses.

Your everyday bra. There are actually four reasons why you shouldn’t worry about buying anything special for trying on wedding dresses. The first reason is, if you’re trying on a dress that hides the bra well, no one will know any different. Secondly, if you’re trying on a strapless dress, you can simply leave the straps off and tuck them into the side of the dress.This isn’t ideal as working around the straps can be annoying, but it’s doable. Remember this isn’t the final fitting, just trying things on to see what style and ultimately what dress you like. The third reason is, most of the larger wedding dress boutique have bras and corsets there for you to use when you’re trying on dresses. Lastly, a lot of dresses have the bra portion built into the dress, so you won’t even need a bra at all.

A strapless bra. For those who aren’t comfortable with wearing a bra or corset provided by the store and you don’t want to have to deal with straps, a strapless bra is a great choice. I would suggest choosing something that is seamless and has as few lines as possible so that it doesn’t show through the dress. Also, you’ll want to wear a white or nude color if possible. While this won’t be the final look, you’d hate to have your black bra showing through the dress and distracting from the overall look.

What Underwear Should I Wear to Try on Wedding Dresses?

When it comes to underwear, it’s really not that big of a deal. In fact, some women have even just worn leggings to try on there dress. This might not work for every style, but it should for most.

A lot of women like to wear boy shorts because it provides a little more coverage than other underwear.

Some women wonder if they should wear a thong to try on wedding dresses so that they won’t have any underwear lines showing through their dress. This is a great thought, but it could be a little embarrassing if you’re walking around trying on dresses. If you do this, make sure to bring a slip with you to cover up with. Don’t worry so much about showing underwear lines when you are trying on dresses. You might pick out a dress that has a full skirt so it doesn’t matter anyway, and if not, just realize this isn’t your final fitting or your final look.

Once you have the dress picked out, you’ll have a better idea about what kind of underwear you should wear.

Should I Wear Spanx to Try on Wedding Dresses?

A lot of women choose to wear Spanx under their wedding dress to help smooth everything out and hold everything in.

It might be a good idea to wear Spanx to your wedding dress fitting if this is something you would plan on wearing on your wedding day. Also, it would give you a little more modesty as you’re trying on the dresses because you’ll be mostly covered.

One word of caution… wearing Spanx with some wedding dress styles is not ideal. The reason is, the leg portion of Spanx tend to roll up a little bit. The portion that gets rolled up will show through on dresses that are more snug in the thigh area. If this happens when you try on your dress, don’t worry. Just know that you probably won’t want to wear Spanx or you need to get some other style that would prevent this from happening.

What Shoes Should I Wear to Try on Wedding Dresses?

You don’t need to have your exact wedding shoes to try on wedding dresses. Besides, you probably won’t pick out shoes until you know what your dress is going to look like. However, you should bring shoes with you that are the style you will want for your wedding day.

If you want to wear high heels, then bring a pair of heels. If you want to wear flats, bring a pair of flats. If you’re not really sure what type of shoes you’ll wear, bring a few different styles with you so you can see how certain dresses look with different types of shoes.

Also, some bridal shops might have shoes there for you to try with your dress. You could always call ahead of time to see if you need to bring your own of if the shop provides some for you to try on with your dress.

Related Questions

When should I start trying on wedding dresses? You need to give yourself enough time to order the dress and plan for alterations. Therefore, you’re planning a 12-month wedding, you should start looking around 8-months ahead of time. If you’re planning a 3-month wedding, it should be one of the first things you do.

Can a wedding dress be let out? If you find that your wedding dress is too small, it can be let out. Your seamstress can either let out the seam allowance on the sides or they can add at corset back which would give you up to five-inches of room in the dress.

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