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10 Apple Green and Gold Wedding Theme Inspiration & Ideas

If you want a wedding that has the perfect colors for a fall wedding, apple green and gold are a great option. You could also have thees colors for a winter or spring wedding especially paired with any kind of greenery.

Apple green and gold can be used several ways in your wedding. You can start by having your bridesmaids and groomsmen wear clothing that matches these colors. Have your centerpieces be a gold flower pot with assorted greenery. As well as using tablecloths and table runners in that are apple green and gold.

These are only a few ideas on how to use apple green and gold in your wedding. Continue reading to see how you can use these colors in your invites, favors, and reception.

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Apple Theme Wedding Invitations

Here are a few ways to incorporate apple green and gold into your wedding invitations. These invites are perfect for an orchard, barn, or country themed wedding.

Cute apple sayings. When a message that is clever and entertaining for your invitations, you could try a clever cut saying or apple-based phrase like this one.

Apple design. Have the inside of your envelope, and the front of your card display some beautiful apples that will brighten your wedding occasion.

Chalkboard paper. Using chalkboard paper and writing a personal message on each invite is great for small weddings. You can also get paper that looks like a chalkboard with a printed message. This is a great touch to an apple designed card.

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Apple Themed Wedding Favors

Caramel covered apples. This tasty and beautiful treat is a perfect wedding favor for your guests. Simply attach a paper tag with some apple green and gold ribbon and place one at each of your guest’s seats. If your colors are green and gold, you could use green apples with gold ribbon.

Apple butter jars. Having each of your guests take home their own personal jar of apple butter is a cute idea for a green and gold apple-themed wedding. This is a very simple and easy way to use apples, perfect for an orchard wedding.

Green apple lip balm. This is a really cute idea to go along with your apple green and gold wedding theme. It makes for a unique wedding favor that guests will enjoy.

Apple Themed Wedding Reception Ideas

Caramel apple bar. A caramel apple bar is a great way to allow guest to make their own caramel apple treats. You could also get a caramel fountain and providing different apples, caramels, and snacks to dip. Also, you could incorporate other apple-related snacks on this bar that will be listed below.

Apple cider bar. Apple cider is a great drink for an apple-themed wedding! Perfect for cold, winter or fall weddings. With a little creativity, you can make a great space for your apple cider bar. Use canning jars with burlap to create rustic looking drinking glasses for your reception.

Apple place cards. Leave your guests with memorable place cards at your reception! Put a nametag on a skewer and stick into an apple to leave at their place. This is a cute way to leave a snack as well as make a simple, low-cost place card.

Apple bobbing station. Bobbing for apples may not seem like the wedding of your dreams, so here is a better way to play! Using the place cards idea above to label your apples, then use a sign or maybe a chalkboard to leave the message.

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