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10 Fall Wedding Reception Decorations & Ideas

If you are having an autumn-themed wedding you may wonder how you can use this theme in decorating your reception area. Here are some fun yet simple was to incorporate this season into your wedding.

Using fall-colored flowers and leaves in your bouquets is a great way to use the autumn theme. Use autumn-inspired colors like red, orange, and gold in your wedding colors and attire. Have your bridesmaid’s dress be different shades of reds or oranges.

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Keep reading for some more great ideas on how to use autumn-inspired items and colors in your wedding.

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Centerpieces for a Fall Wedding Reception

Flowers. Use fall-colored bouquets for the centerpieces of your tables. Adding things like faux leaves and pine cones can add extra autumn feel to your wedding reception. You could also use branches and dark-colored greenery.

Floating candles. You can make small floating candles for your reception tables. Using a small glass or mason jar, fill it with water and place a small lit candle inside. You can also add fall colored rose petals or leaves.

White plastic pumpkins. Nothing gives the feel of fall more than a pumpkin! Using small faux or real pumpkins in around wedding as the decor is a great idea. You can paint them, covered in glitter, or carve them. Using white pumpkins is ideal because they can go with any color scheme.

Pinecone & leaf jars. Here is a simple yet beautiful fall centerpiece idea. In a mason jar or glass place artificial leaves, pine cones, small pumpkins, etc. You can use artificial items like shown or real items that you have found in your area. This is a cool fall idea that is rustic and perfect for a fall-themed wedding.

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Fall Wedding Decor Items

Pumpkins. Using pumpkins at your wedding is perfect for the fall theme. Pumpkins can be used as bowls, cake toppers, centerpieces and much more. Painting or covering the pumpkins with glitter can make them personalized and versatile. White pumpkins are better for painting and can be found in almost any size.

Flower crates. This idea is great for outdoor weddings and can be used for summer and fall themed weddings. You can either find or build wooden crates that can be used for wedding decor. You can choose to paint or stain these crates, then fill with flowers and greenery. You can also put pumpkins or other fall-themed decorations inside.

Burlap & pumpkin table runner. Using burlap as a table runner is a rustic touch that is perfect for a fall-themed wedding. Using small pumpkins as decor pieces along the table is also a cute idea. The pumpkins can be carved out used to hold flowers.

Fall Wedding Reception Decorations On A Budget

Mason jars with lights in them. This is a simple and inexpensive idea that is perfect for any theme of the wedding. Using normal sized mason jars, you can fill them with stringed lights or candles giving both beauty and lighting to your wedding reception.

Mr & Mrs pumpkins. Here is an easy and cheap idea that would look great on a head table in your reception. You can locally buy medium-sized pumpkins and paint them to say “Mr & Mrs”. This is very easy to do and you could use this idea for around your reception area.

Wood disc & flowers. This idea is super simple and can be easily made for a low amount of money. You can fill a mason jar or glass with flowers of your choice and be placed on a wood disc in the center of your table.

What are your favorite autumn wedding reception decor ideas? Share in the comments!

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