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10 Rustic Boho Wedding Theme Ideas

If you love making your own style and being unconventional then a boho wedding is perfect for you! Having a rustic boho wedding theme allows you to use a unique and artistic touch in your style. If you are unsure of how to include the boho rustic theme into your wedding, here are a few ideas to spark your creativity!

Rustic boho weddings are all about having a balance between earth and glam. Using lots of flowers and greenery in your wedding ceremony and reception is an easy way to incorporate the boho theme. Be sure to use colorful geometric patterns in your wedding decor and have a bright color palette.

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Above were only a few ideas on how to incorporate the rustic boho theme into your wedding. Continue reading for more fun and creative ideas for your rustic boho themed wedding.

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Bohemian Theme Wedding Cake

Flower crown cake. Using plenty of flowers, greenery, and earthy elements on your wedding cake is the perfect way to give a boho vibe. A simple way to do this is to have a simple white frosted cake in any size you prefer. Then decorate with small faux flowers and twigs to look like flower crowns and vines are surrounding your cake. This will give a great naturalistic look that is elegant and beautiful.

Wood carving cake. This is a great idea for those who love nature and romance. Using either frosting, fondant, or paper you can make your cake have a wood look that will fool anyone. You can then use frosting on any of these surfaces to create a wood carving illusion. You can “carve” your initials or wedding date to create a cute and rustic wedding cake.

Naked fruit cake. Here is a tasty and rustic looking cake idea for your boho wedding. Using a naked cake decorate the sides or layers with fresh fruit like strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Naked cakes are great because they are fairly inexpensive and have little frosting. This gives the cake a rustic natural look that is perfect for this style of wedding.

Feather & greenery cake. Feathers are great decor pieces for a rustic boho themed cake. Feathers have a versatile yet rustic charm and they look great on a cake. You can use faux feathers, or you can have edible feathers made from fondant. You can use as many as you like on your cake and compliment them with greenery and colorful flowers.

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Bohemian Themed Wedding Attire

Flower crowns & boutonnieres. Using nature in your wedding is an important part of a boho themed wedding. Making your bouquets, flower crowns, and boutonnieres consist of various flowers and greenery is a great way to do so. Make bouquets and flower crowns from wildflowers and vine-like greenery. Make your boutonnieres have pine cones, greenery, and wildflowers to continue with this theme.

Suspenders & bow ties. When it comes to actual attire you will need just the right colors to compliment your flowers and greenery. For your groomsmen, you may want to have them wear suspenders and bow ties for a more elegant yet rustic look. Have them wear colors like sage green, orange, or burgundy for this wedding theme.

Bridesmaids dresses. Having your bridesmaids each wear a different color is an ideal option for a rustic boho themed wedding. Using colors such as mustard yellow, forest green, burgundy, and orange are great color schemes. You could choose to have one style of dress and several colors or a different style of dress for every bridesmaid. If you are having fall or early winter wedding you may want to have longer styled dresses.

Boho Themed Wedding Centerpieces

Abstract art. Using abstract art as vases or candle holders is a great idea for a boho wedding centerpiece. Using a piece that has gold, rose gold, or silver accents is a great way to tie several colors together. You can use whatever size or shape you like, as your wedding theme really depends on your own taste. You can find abstract art online or at local decor stores in your area.

Rustic lanterns. Rustic lanterns are perfect centerpieces for a boho wedding. You can do so many things with them like place small lit candles inside, fill or surround with flowers of your choice, and so much more! You can find them online or locally in colors like gold, white, or black.

Lights in a bottle. This is a simple centerpiece that you can make yourself or buy online. Simply place string or “fairy lights” inside an old clear glass bottle, making a magical and romantic wedding reception centerpiece. You could also use the small one with small candles.

What are your favorite boho wedding theme ideas? Share in the comments!

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