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10 Lavender Wedding Theme Ideas & Inspiration

Lavender is not only a beautiful flower with a lovely purple color it also smells wonderful. The scent of lavender has a calming effect and adds a bit more romance to your wedding.

Lavender is on-trend at the moment and really there appears to be no end in sight. Lavender farms are popping up all over as it grows in popularity. It only makes sense to start incorporating lavender into our weddings more and more.

In this article…

Let’s discover how to incorporate lavender into your wedding cake, your wedding attire and even ideas for a crown of lavender on the bride or bridesmaids heads. The scent of lavender will be sure to help keep you calm during the events of the big day.

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Lavender Wedding Cake Topper

Naked Cake with Lavender. Stems of lavender perched on top of a naked cake will give a beautiful rustic look. The look will look earthy and elegant at the same time.

Lavender Spiral Cascade. On a three-tiered cake, use lavender to spiral down each layer of the cake from top to bottom to a stunning yet simple look.

Twine Bundle of Lavender. Just have a small bride and groom cake? Use a small bundle of lavender and tie the stems with twine or even ribbon, lay them across the top of the cake for a simple or even a vintage look.

CupCakes. Having a cupcake wedding? Place a small sprig of lavender across each cupcake. Use ribbon, lace or twine to the lavender to a sweet look.

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Lavender Wedding Attire

Lavender Bridesmaid Dresses. Lavender is the perfect spring and summer color for a wedding. There are so many options of bridesmaids dresses that come in the color lavender. Lavender also pairs well with many other colors.

Lavender Pocket Squares. Add a little class to your groom and groomsmen with a lavender pocket square to add a splash of color to your men’s suits. Make sure the lavender matches the color of your bridesmaid’s dresses for a cohesive look.

Lavender Bowtie and Suspenders. The bowtie and suspender look is very popular right now. Pair them with a white shirt for your ushers and your ring bearer.

Lavender Flower Girl Dress. Add a splash of color into your flower girls dress with a little lavender. She will look lovely with the entire wedding party and feel like a princess as she joins in on the special day.

Lavender Wedding Flower Crown

Lavender Floral Crown. Weave sprigs of lavender together to make a simple lavender only crown. The scent will be sure to keep you going all day long.

Lavender and Greenery. Use greenery and lavender weaved together to make a crown for your bridesmaids or even flower girl. This crown would be beautiful on just about anyone.

What are your favorite lavender wedding theme ideas? Share in the comments!

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