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11 Rustic Glam Wedding Ideas

If you want a rustic wedding but still keep the elegance and beauty, you may consider having a rustic glam themed wedding. Finding the perfect balance of rustic and glam may be hard for some, so here are some great ways to incorporate both into your wedding.

Using tons of glitter, lighting, and candles in your wedding can give it an elegant, glam feel. Using wood discs, greenery, and flowers can help balance your rustic to glam ratio. Making flower crowns for your bridesmaids is also a beautiful way to use nature in your wedding.

Above was only a few ways to use both rustic and glam as your wedding theme. Continue reading to find out how you can continue this theme in your wedding reception.

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Rustic Glam Wedding Cake

Naked cake. One option for a rustic glam wedding cake is having a naked cake. A naked cake is basically a cake that has only a small amount of frosting, and is one color such as white. Naked cakes can be tiered or one layer, and are decorated simply with a topper and/or flowers and greenery.

This cakes are simple and easy to make and are low budget. The simplicity of these cakes give an elegant and beautiful feel that is perfect for a rustic glam wedding.

Fancy tiered cake. Just as a simple cake can be beautiful, so can extravagant ones. Your cake can be as tall as five tiers, and as decorated as you like. Most tiered cakes are frosted a beautiful white and decorated with faux flowers, greenery, or rose petals.

Toppers are also common on any wedding cake and they come in a variety of types. You could have the general bride and groom topper, or a topper personalized with your name or your date.

Burlap & lace cake. A common decoration on a rustic cake is burlap and lace. This beautiful combo is perfect for rustic style cake, and can be used on a larger or smaller cake. Burlap can be wrapped around the base of the cake or even the layers themselves. Burlap and lace would also pair well with a wood disc cake platter.

Fondant cake. Fondant is a great way to add design or texture to any wedding cake. Using fondant you can make edible ruffles, flowers, feathers, stripes, dots, etc. You can make the cake of your dreams in any color or shape. Fondant also gives a smooth, and flawless look to your wedding cake.

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Rustic Glam Wedding Guest Book

Advice notes. Here is a memorable way to always remember your wedding guests. Place several small pieces of notepaper and pens at each of your reception tables. The guests can them write down advice, messages, or anything they like regarding the bride and groom and sign with their name.

You can later table these “advice notes” and place in a photo album to remember and preserve these notes from your guests. This is a great idea for any wedding.

Guest guestbook. This is a fun way for guests to have a place in your wedding guest book. Place cards with phrases on them such as “A fond memory of us” or “What is a romantic place we should visit?” on a table or at each guest table at your reception. Once filled out these cards can be placed in a book or pinned to a decorative surface.

Date night ideas jar. Here is another fun and creative idea for your guests at your wedding reception. Have a jar with several strips of paper or popsicle sticks placed at a table available for your guests. Have your guests write on these papers ideas for date nights, vacations, and honeymoons.

This is both a great way to have interaction with your guests and come up with ideas at the same time! This is perfect for any wedding reception and is sure to keep your guests entertained!

Heart guest jar. At the entrance to your reception area have a jar with several small wooden hearts. You can find these hearts at craft stores or online. You can get these hearts with personalized sayings on them such as names or dates.

Have pens that guests can write their names on one side of the heart and then place inside the jar. You can later look at these hearts and see which guests you invited came to your wedding reception.

Rustic Glam Wedding Head Table

Greenery & Rustic Wood Backdrop. The head table at your wedding reception is the main event and must mirror your theme perfectly. Having a barn wood backdrop for your head table is a great rustic touch, as well as using restored wood chairs. Hanging stringed lights and greenery on your backdrop is also a great way to add more rusticness.

Use a silk or tulle tablecloth on your table, and use candles and greenery for decor. This will add a romantic and glamorous feel to your head table.

Vintage Style. Having a vintage style table theme is a great way to add glamor to your head table. If you can find old vintage style dining room chairs, and a small round table for just the bride and groom is a great way to show the vintage style.

Using gold or burgundy tablecloths, and candlesticks are another great idea. Using lots of candles gives a romantic and vintage feel, as well as lace.

Romantic Fireplace. Having a romantic fireplace head table is a great way to combine both rustic and glam in your wedding. If your reception area has a fireplace, put your head table right in front of it. This will look amazing and may even keep you warm!

Using candles, lace, and even rustic lanterns is a great way to add to this concept. Also using greenery and flowers of your choice on your head table will continue the rustic theme.

What are your favorite rustic glam wedding theme ideas? Share in the comments!

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