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12 Barn Wedding Theme Ideas You’ll Adore

If you are having a wedding you might have chosen a barn themed wedding. If you want a wedding that has the perfect place for any season, you may have chosen a barn to have it in. Here are some barn wedding ideas that might help.

You might be wondering what type of themes there are for a barn themed wedding. There are many things you could do like decor or wedding colors we will give you some ideas so you can have the perfect barn themed wedding.

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Here are some barn themed wedding ideas that you might like, such as a barn themed wedding cake, barn wedding ceremony decorations, and barn wedding decor inspiration.

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Barn Themed Wedding Cake

Barn wedding cake topper. There are many unique barn wedding cake topper ideas that you could choose from such as cowboy boot figurines, horses, horseshoes, wood toppers, and more.

Wood wedding cake plate. You could buy a wood cake plate or you could try and make one. If you make your own wood cake plate base, be sure to have your baker put a barrier between the wood and your cake, such as a cardboard round.

Rustic naked cakes. You could also have a naked cake which would look like it is rustic to match your barn wedding theme.

Burlap and lace cake decor. Another idea of a rustic barn wedding cake is a burlap and lace cake. Burlap and lace are rustic yet elegant, perfect for your barn wedding.

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Barn Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Barn wedding signs. When you have a wedding ceremony you could use wooden signs to direct people to their seats or just decor. You could even make your own wooden wedding signs out of pallet wood.

Barn wedding aisle decor. Your barn wedding aisle decor could incorporate burlap, flower pots, or mason jars with flowers or candles to give your wedding ceremony a rustic barn feel. Many of these aisle decor pieces could be made by yourself.

Barn wedding ceremony backdrop. A barn ceremony backdrop can be made out of wood or pallet wood and combined with fabric and flowers to give it a warm feel To give more of a rustic look, you could also make your own backdrop with reclaimed barn wood and beams.

Barn wedding ceremony lights. Give your barn wedding a special feel with some lighting, you could use candles to make it more rustic or you could also use rope lighting.

Barn Wedding Decor Inspiration

Barn wedding flower pots. There are many things you could use for barn wedding flower pots such as mason jars, wooden flower pots, and little tin buckets.

Barn wedding candles. There are many different types of candles like scented candles, colored candles, and much more. Try putting candles at the end of the aisle or on tables.

Barn wedding hay bales. Instead of having seats you could have hay bales with towels on them for your guests to sit on, you could have hay bales as and tables.

Barn wedding food. For barn wedding food you could provide country-style reception food such as fried chicken, salad, baked beans, and much more. Add homemade pies and delicious desserts for guests to enjoy as well! Getting rustic looking chalkboards to mark each food item is a great idea too!

What are your favorite cute barn ideas? Share in the comments!

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