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12 Blush Pink Wedding Theme Ideas

Blush is a wedding color that most every bride considers when planning her dream wedding. The color blush can go with a multitude of colors and is very versatile.

Elegant, glamorous, whimsical, casual, or rustic, no matter what your theme the color blush can be used and paired with other colors to get just the look you are after.

In this article…

We will discover ideas in this post for wedding dresses, glamorous and romantic ceremony ideas and also the perfect blush bridal shower.

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Blush Pink Wedding Dress Ideas

Blush Brides Dress. Wanting to stray from the traditional white bridal gown? Blush is a popular color for a wedding gown. It will add a bit of whimsy to your wedding and will leave your guests in awe.

Vintage Blush. Going for a retro or vintage look at your wedding? These bridesmaids dresses are perfect for that theme.

Chiffon! This whimsical and elegant chiffon dress is stunning in the color blush. Your bridesmaids will look stunning but don’t worry they could never outdo you!

Mother of the Bride. Here is a stunning look for the mother of the bride. This classic but fun blush dress would look great on anyone. This is a special day for mom so let’s have her look great.

Want more wedding themes? Check out my other wedding themes ideas and get inspiration for your Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter weddings!

Glamorous Romantic Blush Pink Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Blush Pink Sheer Wedding Drape. Use sheer blush drapes as a backdrop for your ceremony or to wrap around an altar arch. The tie in some bling to the drapes to add a more glamorous feel.

Blush pink wedding with a glamorous floral ceremony arch. Cover your ceremony arch with blush pink roses and greenery. The more the better…think of the movie Steel Magnolias. There was blush everywhere and it was stunning.

Aisle Decorations. Mark your chair aisle with small bouquets of blush flowers and ribbons. Attach them to the first chair in each row or every other row if you like.

Blush aisle runner. Use a blush-colored aisle runner for the bride to walk down. Have the wedding party walk down without it and then have two special people roll out the blush aisle runner just for the bride.

Blush Pink Bridal Shower Ideas

Pink Blush Balloons and Blush and Gold Balloons. Combining blush and gold together make a very glamorous look. A bit of Hollywood if you like. The blinginess of gold will add something special to your bridal shower.

Fabric Background for Photos. Use strips of blush, gold and white sheer fabric to make a hanging background that photos can be taken at during the shower. Make sure the bride gets a pic with each of her guests.

Chic Mason Jars. Paint Mason jars blush pink, gold and ivory to display coordinating flowers in for table decorations at your shower. They can be given away as door prizes as well.

Blush Themed Food Table. Use blush-colored serving platters and tableware for the food that is being served at the shower. Fancy it up with some blush colored glassware.

What are your favorite blush pink wedding theme ideas? Share in the comments!

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