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12 Cactus Themed Wedding Inspiration & Ideas

If you are planning a fall wedding and looking for a unique decor idea, you might want to consider a cactus themed wedding. There are many different ways you can incorporate cacti in your wedding theme.

Cacti are popular and perfect for a fall or desert wedding. You can pot them in colorful pots to make centerpieces, give small one away as wedding favors, make placeholders, use flat cacti to write table numbers on. Combine your cacti with burlap, pretty fabrics or even sand to make a unique look.

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Here are more great ideas for cactus themed wedding decor for your ceremony and reception.

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Cactus Theme Wedding Ideas

Use these fun cactus wedding theme ideas to incorporate cacti into your wedding decor. A cactus wedding theme gives your special day a fun southwestern feel and looks great for summer or fall weddings.

Table place holders. Plant small cacti in pretty glass jars and place your assigned seating name holders in each jar, these can double wedding favors. You can also get some neat cactus place holder figurines on Amazon.

Cactus centerpieces. Use a combination of tall glass cylinder jars, sand, and candles to make a beautiful centerpiece for each of your tables. These pre-made cactus centerpieces are also really pretty and simple!

Wedding cake cacti ideas. Consider a simple white tiered wedding cake with small cacti plants on top, use other small succulents to decorate the tiers. This would also work great with the newest trend of naked cakes. The sand color of a naked cake would work well with the cacti plants.

Also, if you plan to have cupcakes instead of one large cake, these cute little cactus cake decorations would be the perfect (and less expensive) option.

Cactus Table Numbers. Flat cacti plants can have table numbers written on them make a unique table numbering decoration. You could also order these lovely “Painted Cacti Table Numbers” from

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Cactus Themed Wedding Favors

As a special thank you to your wedding guests, give them a fun cactus themed wedding favor to go home with. From miniature cactus plants to cactus-shaped trinkets, there are a lot of fun ideas that will make your wedding unique and memorable.

Tiny metal pails. Use tiny metal pots or pails to plant small cacti or other succulents to give to your guests. You could even attach stickers to each pail that say thank you and commemorate your wedding date.

Terracotta pots. Pot your cacti plants into terracotta pots, Tie burlap bows around the pots or even lace to make a cute favor for your guests.

Cactus shaped coasters. Make coasters out of cork shaped like a cactus and write the details from your wedding on them.

Cactus mini soap. Make cactus-shaped aloe-infused mini soaps for your guests. Place them in sheer drawstring bags to be taken home.

Cactus Themed Wedding Shower

Maybe instead of a cactus themed wedding (or in addition to), you would rather have a cactus themed wedding shower! From food to decor, you could incorporate cactus into your wedding shower decor in easy and fun ways!

Flowering cactus plants. Cactus plants flower pretty pink or orange flowers. They will make beautiful centerpieces in terracotta pots. Use a lace or burlap table runner to make your table complete.

Bride to be banner. Create a “Bride to Be” banner out of a beautiful cactus print fabric like this banner on Etsy.

Paper Goods. Purchase tasteful cactus themed paper goods to add to the theme.

Cactus shaped cookies. Contact a local baker and have them make some delicious cactus themed cookies for your guests. You could also use these cookie cutters to make your own cactus-shaped cookies!

What are your favorite cactus wedding theme ideas? Share in the comments!

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