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12 Fruit Themed Wedding Ideas

Believe it or not, a fruit-themed wedding can be quite elegant. The soft colors of fruit can add beauty and simplicity to your wedding. This theme is perfect for a health-conscious bride and groom.

There are many ways to incorporate fruit into your wedding, the soft colors of yellow, peach, orange and green work great for a wedding. Pair these colors with white flowers and it will be beautiful.

In this article…

Let’s discover how fruit can be used in your table centerpieces, favors for your guests to enjoy and for a unique bridal shower experience. A fruit themed wedding will be something different your guests have never experienced and will remember for time to come.

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Fruit Themed Wedding Centerpieces

Fruit bouquets. Prepare a fruit bouquet with different types of fruit in it and put the trays in the center of tables. There are local vendors that take great pride in creating beautiful bouquets out of fruit. It will also give your guests a snack during the reception. Make sure you leave a note on the tables letting your guests know they are welcome to enjoy a snack.

Bowl of fruit. Use elegant glass bowls in the center of your tables for hold fruit. Use fruit that compliments your wedding colors, such as lemons, limes, peaches or apples. Artificial fruit can also be used and can look just as beautiful.

Glass cylinder filled with fruit. Add a glass cylinder filled with fruit to make a really nice decoration. Use a glass cylinder cut lemons or limes in half and fill up the cylinder ¾ of the way add water to the vase to make a really unique look.

Fruit name tag. Make some name place table holders for your guests. Attach them to the fruit with string or a toothpick. than cut a slit in any type of fruit. Or use a non-toxic marker to write on the fruit itself.

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Fruit Themed Wedding Favors

Box of Grapes. Fill a small plastic box with grapes, try it with a ribbon and flowers It will give your guests a light snack until the reception dinner is served.

Homemade Preserves. Someone in your family and expert at making preserves or apple butter. Have small jars made up for each of your guests label them with your wedding details and wow your guests. Have small bowls on the tables so that they can sample the preserves or apple butter so they know what a treat they are in for at home.

Small Baskets of Berries. Have a berry batch that will be ripe and in season at just the time of your wedding. Inlist your wedding party to go berry picking a few days before your wedding. Fill the baskets with a note that says “We are Berry happy you could come”.

Mini Fruit Pies. Have your local baker or favorite family member bake mini pies for each of your guests. Have them boxed and placed at the table. These could also double as dessert instead of wedding cake.

Fruit Ideas For Wedding Shower

Waffle Cones Filled with Fruit. Use a variety of cut-up fruits and fill waffle cones. Stack and display them on a pretty platter for your guests to enjoy. These work great for a fun themed shower.

Champagne Flutes will with Fruit. Fill Champagne flutes with cut-up fruit and top with whipped cream. This makes for an elegant touch to a wedding shower brunch with all the classy touches.

Fruit Filled Glass Cylinder Jars. Fill clear glass cylinder jars with lemons or limes. Whichever matches your wedding shower theme colors better. You can also add water to the jars and even cut the fruit in half.

Watermelon on a Stick. Cut wedges of watermelon and insert a lollipop stick. This is a mess-free and fun way for your guests to enjoy watermelon at your wedding shower.

What are your favorite fruit wedding theme ideas? Share in the comments!

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