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12 White Rose Themed Wedding Ideas

White rose is a beautiful theme for any wedding, any time a year. A white rose wedding is very versatile and can be easily paired with any other colors. White roses can be used in many places in your wedding, below you will find a few simple ways to incorporate them.

Using white roses in your attire is very simple. Have you bouquets and boutonnieres consist of white roses and small amounts of greenery. You can also make flower crowns for your bridesmaids that are very simple and perfect for a spring or summer wedding. Use white rose petals on your wedding aisle and on the reception tables.

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Above were only a few ways to use white roses at your wedding. Continue reading to find out how you can use white roses in your bouquet, centerpieces, and decor.

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All White Rose Wedding Bouquet

Champagne rose. There are a few different kinds of white roses that you could use in your wedding. Champagne roses are smaller more elegant roses that are perfect for a wedding. These roses are a more cream-colored white and will match beautifully with any wedding dress.

Winchester cathedral rose. These are much larger white roses that have more petals. These roses come in a few different shades of white and make your bouquets much fuller and beautiful.

Mme plantier rose. These beautiful roses are similar to cathedral roses. They are large and have many petals, but have a much stronger fragrance. These delicate flowers are perfect for any wedding and are the perfect touch for a spring wedding.

Glamis castle rose. These white roses are more medium-sized and look beautiful in a bouquet with greenery. These roses have a little smell, but not enough to be overbearing. These roses come in more of a cream-colored white and that can take a yellowish tint in different lightings.

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Are White Roses Inexpensive Wedding Flowers

White roses are elegant flowers that are perfect for any wedding. If you would like to use these at your wedding you may wonder how expensive it would be.

White roses can be fairly inexpensive. If you get artificial white roses, you can buy a bouquet in between $12 and $15. Fresh flowers would determine where you live and your local flower stores sell for. Buying artificial flowers online is a great way to get a large amount. On certain sites, you can buy a bouquet for as low as $8.

Elegant White Rose Centerpieces

Floating candles & rose petals. This is a romantic way to add lighting and decoration to your reception or head table(s). Have a large glass vase or wine glass filled partially with water. Then place white rose petals and a candle in the water making a beautiful floating candle centerpiece.

White rose & greenery bouquet. A simple yet elegant wedding centerpiece is having a bouquet in the center of your reception tables. Make a bouquet of white roses, greenery, and other white flowers like hydrangeas. You could place your bouquet in a simple glass vase or a small rustic gold vase.

Rose petal & candle table runner. Here is a simple and inexpensive table centerpiece that is perfect for your head table. Place a long piece of fabric or lace across your table, surrounded by white rose petals and small lit candles. You could also use another flower or color of the rose petal to accent the white.

Rustic lantern & white roses. This centerpiece is great for a rustic themed wedding. You can find some older rustic looking lanterns online or locally to place on your tables. You could place some white roses with greenery around the lanterns or place inside instead of a candle.

White Rose Wedding Decor

Rose petals. White rose petals are a simple and inexpensive way to add some decor to your wedding. If you aren’t afraid of making a mess, placing rose petals around your reception area is a great way to use white roses in your wedding.

White rose wedding arch. Here is a romantic way to use white roses in your wedding ceremony. Attach white roses all across your wedding arch, accented by some white sheer drapes. Using white, cream, and a light shade of pink for your roses are a great way to bring the colors together.

White rose wedding wreath. Using a greenery wreath with white roses is a simple way to add some decoration to your head table backdrop, and other places around your reception area. You could also place these wreaths on the tables and put lit candles or lanterns inside them

White rose floral hoop. Here is a cute DIY idea for white rose wedding decor. Using embroidery hoops, faux greenery, and white roses, you can make a hanging wedding decor. Attach the roses and greenery to the hoops and using twine you can hang them for decor around your reception area.

What are your favorite white rose wedding theme ideas? Share in the comments!

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