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13 Fall Wedding Cake Ideas

If you are having a fall-themed wedding, you may wonder how to make your cake to match this theme. There are a few different ways to bring fall into your wedding cake with frosting, decor, and flavors. Continue reading to find some really fun and creative ways to make your fall themed wedding cake.

Decorating your wedding cake with faux leaves that are orange, red, or yellow are an option. You can also make edible leaves with fondant. Another way to add fall to your wedding cake is flavoring your cake pumpkin or even lemon.

Above were only a few ways to add the fall theme to your wedding cake. Continue reading to find out how to use the fall theme in your cake flavors, designs, and serving sets.

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Fall Wedding Cake Flavors

Pumpkin. Nothing symbolizes fall like a pumpkin spice flavored cake. This flavor is perfect for an autumn wedding and tastes amazing with a pumpkin spice glaze or frosting. Using this flavor for a naked cake is a great way to show color.

If you’re going to make your own cake or want to see what a pumpkin cake would taste like, try Pillsbury Perfectly Pumpkin cake mix.

Apple cinnamon. Apple cinnamon is also a signature fall cake flavor. This cake would also look good with the naked cake look. Using a small amount of greenery to decorate the cake would give it more color, as well as glazing the cake with vanilla glaze.

Sweet maple & pecan. This tasty and beautiful combination of flavors is perfect for a rustic fall wedding. Paired with a sweet maple glazing and pecans for decoration this is a great cake that will make your wedding memorable!

Want more wedding themes? Check out my other wedding themes ideas and get inspiration for your Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter weddings!

Fall Wedding Cake Table Ideas

Tiered clear cake stand. Here is a cute idea for your fall wedding cake. Place your cake on the very top of the tiered glass cake stand. For this idea, you may want your cake to be one layer and smaller in size. On the bottom tiers, you can place cupcakes, donuts, or cookies. This way you can have a cake just for the bride and groom, and the rest for the guests.

Wood disc cake platter. Using a large wood disc as a cake platter is a great option for a rustic fall wedding. This platter would look great with a naked style cake, decorated with flowers and some greenery. A wood disc platter is great for a tiered or single layer cake.

Wood stump cake platter. This idea is similar to the one above. Instead of a flat disc, using a small wood stump is a great alternative to give a rustic look with more dimension. You could wrap the stump with burlap and lace, or have the stump engraved with the date or names.

Wooden barrel cake table. A rustic looking cake table would be to use a single wooden barrel. You could place a wood disc that holds the cake on top of the barrel. If this isn’t enough room, you could place a board across two wood barrels. Using burlap and lace to decorate the table is another rustic touch for your fall wedding.

Fall Wedding Cake Server Sets

Simple stainless steel. The simplest server set for your wedding would be a plain stainless steel set. Despite the simplicity, this knife and pie server set is perfect for any wedding and is versatile to any theme.

Twine & leaves. Here is a way to add some fall fun to your wedding cake server set. You can use any typical stainless steel server set and turn them into a fall wedding masterpiece. Wrap some twine around the handle of each piece of the server set. You can then attach some faux fall colored leaves.

Gold twig. To go with the fall theme, this gold twig handled server set is perfect! The rich tone of the gold mixed with the twig and leaf design matches your fall wedding theme perfectly.

Simple Fall Wedding Cake Designs

Wood design cake. This is a perfect design for a fall-themed cake. Have your cake frosted or printed to look like a wood stump. You may be able to do this yourself if you know how to make this design. You may have to have this cake made by someone locally where you live. This cake can be decorated with faux leaves in bright fall colors.

Naked cake. A simple yet beautiful cake that is perfect for any themed wedding, is a naked cake. This cake is fairly inexpensive and easy to make yourself. A naked cake is a cake with very little frosting and is perfect for a rustic fall themed wedding.

This type of cake can be decorated with just about anything. For a fall-themed wedding, you could use faux leaves, sunflowers, wildflowers, and greenery.

Sunflower cake. A sunflower is a great flower to signify the colors of autumn. You could either cover your entire cake with sunflowers or maybe make a pattern of them across the side of the cake. You could also make cupcakes and place a sunflower on each of them. Using faux sunflowers are ideal, or you could use frosting or fondant to create edible ones.

What are your favorite fall wedding cake ideas? Share in the comments!

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