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13 Navy Blue and Gold Wedding Theme Ideas

A navy blue and gold wedding motif is a beautiful wedding theme that is both elegant and dark. This color scheme is perfect for fall and winter wedding themes and looks absolutely beautiful.

Using navy and gold in your wedding theme creates an elegant and romantic feel for your wedding. You can incorporate blue and gold into your wedding cake, backdrop, bouquets, and wedding centerpieces.

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Continue reading to learn more about how you can incorporate navy blue and gold into your wedding motif!

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Blue and Gold Marble Wedding Cake

Blue and gold marble cake design. Just look at the elegance of this beautiful navy blue and gold marble wedding cake design. Ask your baker to make a cake like this one to be a focal point of your wedding reception.

Gold and navy server set. To match your navy and gold marble cake, get a gold and navy server set to match. This is a beautiful cake server set that will go perfectly with your navy blue and gold wedding motif.

Gold cake stands. A great way to make your navy blue cake look even more elegant is to use gold cake stands. You could even dress up the stands with blue ribbon or flowers!

Gold wedding cake topper. Another way to bring gold into your navy blue wedding cake is to add a gold cake topper. This beautiful cake topper is perfect for a wedding cake!

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Blue and Gold Wedding Backdrop

Sequins backdrop. Incorporate navy blue and gold with all the navy blue and gold sequins. This would be a beautiful touch behind the head table or cake table.

Navy and gold balloons. Another great backdrop idea is to have balloons that match your navy blue and gold motif. This would look great at your wedding reception or ceremony.

Blue and Gold Wedding Bouquets

Artificial bouquet. You can purchase one of these beautiful artificial wedding bouquets with blue and white flower and gold ribbons. These are cost-effective and you can keep them forever!

Blue flowers. You could make your own bouquets with blue flowers and use gold ribbon to hold them all together. This is a great way to get your own gold and blue bouquet look.

Gold floral spray. These gold spray stems will look great combined with blue flowers. If you want to make your own wedding bouquet, this spray with the flowers above would look beautiful!

Blue and Gold Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Navy blue table runner. With some gold decor on top you have perfect and elegant looking table centerpieces.

Gold table decor. Paired with some flower vases or picture frames, these geometric decor pieces will look beautiful with navy blue accents!

Navy and gold mason jars. If you want more of a rustic feel to your navy and gold wedding, paint some mason jars to use as flower vases. with some white flowers, these mason jars are perfect centerpieces.

Gold candles. Pairing these gold candles with some blue flowers or blue table runners is perfect for your navy blue and gold wedding.

What are your favorite blue and gold wedding theme ideas? Share in the comments!

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