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13 Yellow Wedding Theme Ideas

Having a yellow themed wedding is a great color theme for a spring or summer wedding. Yellow can be used in many ways in your wedding, from the flowers to the dresses. Here are some creative ways to use yellow in your wedding.

Place bouquets of yellow roses at each of your reception tables, as well as your head table. Using yellow roses in your wedding bouquet and groomsmen boutonnieres. Have your wedding supplies such as plates and tablecloths be yellow. Using different shades of yellow in your wedding is also a good way to make the perfect spring wedding.

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Continue reading to see how you can use yellow in other areas of your wedding such as your bouquet, clothing, cake, and even your table centerpieces.

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Wedding Bouquet In Yellow

Sunflower & greenery bouquet. Sunflowers are beautiful flowers and are great for summer weddings. These are very rustic flowers that go well with greenery and burlap. Sunflowers can be found fresh depending on where you live, but you can easily find faux sunflowers online.

Yellow roses & white flowers. Pairing yellow flowers with white really bring out the color and beauty of a yellow flower. Yellow roses are a popular yellow flower that is great for weddings. Making a bouquet with yellows roses, Craspedia, and calla lilies is a very beautiful mix of flowers that would look great in any summer or spring wedding.

Yellow roses & white hydrangeas. White hydrangeas are beautiful flowers that look well paired with any other flower. Making a bouquet with yellow and white roses, hydrangeas, and a small amount of greenery is a great combination for any wedding.

Sunflower, blue roses, & daisies. Using blue roses are a wonderful touch to the yellow in the sunflowers. Blue and yellow are a classic mixture that will add unexpected beauty to your wedding. The white in the daisies brings the entire bouquet and all the colors together.

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Yellow Wedding Attire

Yellow bridesmaid dress. Having your bridesmaids wear different shades of yellow are a great way to use yellow without it being overbearing. Including blue or gray with yellow is another great idea. Maybe having your maid of honor wearing blue, and the rest of your bridesmaids wear yellow is a way to use the colors creatively.

Making flower crowns for your bridesmaids using the yellow flower of your choice is a fun idea that is also beautiful. If you are using blue in your theme you could add blue roses to your bouquets and flower crowns.

Yellow suspenders & bow tie. This is a cute outfit idea for your groomsmen. Have them wear yellow suspenders and bow ties over a white button-down shirt, with gray or black pants. You could pin a yellow flower boutonniere to their suspenders, or still have jackets that could place them on traditionally.

Short style bridesmaid dresses. If your wedding is in the summer, you may want a shorter style of dress. Having sleeveless dresses are also ideal. A fishtail style dress would also look pretty in a summer or spring wedding. Fishtail dresses are longer in the back and shorter in front. These dresses would look good with heels or sandals.

Yellow Themed Wedding Centerpieces

Floating lemon glass. There is nothing more yellow than a lemon, and this centerpiece is great for a yellow themed wedding. Place some lemons in a large glass filled with water. This will cause the lemons to float making a beautiful centerpiece for your reception tables. You could also add artificial flowers or greenery to the water to create a floating masterpiece!

Floating candles & rose petals. Using the idea above, with a smaller glass filled with some water. Place some yellow rose petals and a lit candle making a beautiful decorative candle for your tables. These would look great at the head table placed at each place setting.

Wildflower table bouquet. Using flowers from your wedding make large bouquets that can be set at each table. Using wildflowers in your bouquet gives a rustic look that is beautiful. Roses, daisies, sunflowers, and even greenery would all look great.

Yellow Wedding Cake Ideas

Lemon slices & greenery. Nothing adds color and beauty to your wedding cake-like slices of lemon and greenery. This combination would look great on a tiered cake, with white frosting. This would also look great on a naked cake with some small white hydrangeas.

Lemon cake & calla lilies. A lemon-flavored cake is a tasty treat that is perfect for a yellow themed wedding. This cake can be frosted with lemon or yellow frosting and decorated with calla lilies or other white flowers like hydrangeas, daisies, or roses.

Yellow fondant cake. In addition to flowers and greenery, you could also use yellow fondant to create patterns and designs. Fondant gives smooth feel and texture as well as beautiful designs such as stripes, ruffles, and dots.

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