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16 Navy Blue and Coral Pink Wedding Ideas

Rich navy blue paired with the whimsical color coral are the perfect combination for a wedding at any season. The contrast between the two colors is beautiful and elegant.

A navy blue and coral wedding theme can be made elegant, simple or even fun. There are so many ways to use these to colors to accomplish the exact look you are trying to achieve. The two colors together are like a breath of fresh air.

In this article…

We are going to discuss in this post how to incorporate these colors into your reception decoration, wedding cake, and the wedding party attire. Hopefully, this will be just the inspiration you need.

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Coral And Navy Blue Wedding Reception Ideas

Table Linens. Use navy blue table cloths with coral colored table runners. Paired with elegant white plates and crystal drinkware will make a beautiful sight.

Painted Mason Jars. Paint some mason jars navy blue, some coral and some white. Fill them with flowers and ribbon to make stunning centerpieces for your reception tables.

Name Place Markers. Alternate name place tags on your tables in navy blue and coral with white writing. These little details will stand out to your wedding guests.

Pillar Candles. Use navy blue and coral-colored pillar candles on your tables. You can also add in white or silver to this color scheme to make a beautiful look.

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Navy Blue And Coral Pink Wedding Cakes

Ribbon and Flowers. On a three-tiered white cake use navy ribbon to go around the bottom of each layer. Then add in coral colored flowers either real or artificial for a stunning look.

Alternate Tier Layers. On a four-layer tier cake alternate navy blue and white tiers. The use coral flowers to decorate on each layer for a perfectly matched themed cake.

Cupcake Wedding. If you are choosing to serve cupcakes to your guests. Have half your order iced with navy blue swirl frosting and the other half with coral. You could also add in some white frosted cupcakes for a little contrast. Use some sparkly cupcake holders to complete the look.

Naked Cake. Have a naked cake look created and accent with navy and coral flowers. Add in baby’s breath to give a finished look. Adding ribbon is always an option as well.

Navy Blue And Coral Wedding Groomsmen

Navy Suit with Coral Necktie. Pair a classic navy blue three-piece suit with a crisp white shirt and coral necktie. Add in a coral boutonniere for a classic look.

Navy Blue Jeans with Coral Vest. Forget the three-piece suit and just go with a more casual navy blue jeans, crisp white shirt, coral vest, and navy blue necktie. Use a white boutonniere to go with this look.

Navy and Coral Argyle Socks. For a little fun have your groomsmen wear matching socks. Make it a fun photo op for your photographer. Also by you supplying the socks there’s no worry that someone will forget and end up with their white sports socks!

Bowtie Look. Bowties are very popular for weddings right now. You can go with a solid navy blue or coral or go crazy and use a navy and coral striped bowtie.

Navy Blue And Coral Wedding Dresses

Flower Girl Dress. This adorable white flower girl dresses paired with a large coral bow fit perfectly with this theme. Give her a navy flower girl basket to complete the look.

Navy Dress with Coral Belt. Pair a beautiful navy blue bridesmaid dress with a coral belt to create a stunning look to go with your wedding theme.

Navy and Coral Floral Dress. For a slightly more casual look have your bridesmaids wear this stunning floral dress that incorporates the colors you are looking for perfectly.

Coral Lace. Altar this pretty coral lace dress to add a navy blue belt. This will look amazing for your wedding party to wear. Pair with white or navy shoes.

What are your favorite navy blue and coral wedding theme ideas? Share in the comments!

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