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16 Rustic Winter Wedding Ideas

Adding a rustic touch to your winter wedding is a beautiful way to celebrate your special day. If you are having a winter rustic wedding you may wonder how to use this theme in your cake, decor, or even your color palette. Here are a few simple ways you can use rustic in your winter wedding.

An easy way to make your winter wedding rustic is to have your wedding or reception inside a barn or cabin. Adding hanging lights and greenery gives will give the place a more winter touch, as well as using burlap and lace in bouquets or table runners.

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Above was only a few ways to make your wedding feel more homey and rustic. Keep reading to see how you can make your cake, decor, and centerpieces have the rustic feel as well.

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Rustic Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas

Hanging lights & paper lanterns. These are great ways to add both lighting and beauty to your wedding reception. Both lights and paper lanterns are great for indoor or outdoor weddings and look amazing in a barn or cabin.

Hanging lights and round paper lanterns are easy to find and install. They can be bought in color or just white. You can also attach flowers, ribbons, and greenery to the ceiling for an extra touch.

Candles in mason jars. Putting mason jars holding small scentless candles are great for lighting as well as giving an elegant and romantic feel. You can place one of these on each of your tables or scattered around your reception area.

Your mason jar candles can be decorated with greenery, faux berries, lace, or ribbons. You could also place on round wood discs to give an even greater rustic look.

Pinecone & evergreen ribbons. This idea is perfect for a wintertime or Christmas wedding. Attaching pine cones, evergreen, and ribbons together (maybe even artificial berries) and placing on chairs along your aisle as well as around your reception area is a great way to bring a beautiful winter touch to your wedding.

Smores wedding favor. Here is a cute way to express your thanks to your guests. Place a couple of graham crackers, chocolate, and a marshmallow in a small plastic baggy and tie with a ribbon. This is a memorable wedding favor that will be enjoyed by all ages!

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Rustic Winter Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Candle & greenery wreath. Using a wreath of greenery and some candles you can make a beautiful centerpiece for your rustic wedding! Simply place a lit candle inside a wreath of greenery of your choice on the center of each table.

This will add lighting, and also will give a warm winter feel. You can also add ribbons or lace of your choice to add more color. You can also choose to set your table number or place cards on the wreath.

Rustic lanterns. Using an old, restored, rustic lantern as a centerpiece is a great way to make your tables and reception area stand out. You can find rustic lanterns online or in local thrift stores. Simply place them on your tables and surround them with the decor of your choice such as greenery, flowers, lace, burlap, or ribbons.

Bouquet in a mason jar. This is a great idea that can be very easily personalized for your wedding. Just place flowers or greenery into a mason jar and set on your tables. Your mason jar can be wrapped in burlap, lace, or ribbons. You could also put stringed lighting around or in your bouquet of flowers to give a romantic look. If desired, you could place your jar of flowers on a wood disc etched with a phrase of your choice.

Smores maker. Setting a smores maker on the center of your table with a plate of smores ingredients is a great way to keep your guests entertained as well as giving a rustic and winter look. Smores are great for cold days and are great for kids.

Rustic Wedding Colors For Winter

Light pink, sage, & gray. These colors are great for an early winter wedding and are very rustic. These colors allow for much creativity and can be easily paired with wood, burlap, and other rustic materials. White roses, small white hydrangeas, and greenery would look great with this theme.

Burgundy, rose gold, & beige. These beautiful winter colors are perfect for a rustic winter or Christmas wedding. Using white and red roses with lots of burlap would really make these colors stand out and match perfectly with a cabin or barn winter wedding.

Green, gray, & navy blue. These winter wedding colors are perfect for any time in winter. These colors have a natural rustic look and with pair well with pine cones, burlap, and greenery. White and blue roses would look great as well as evergreen.

Taupe, blush, & sage. These are very neutral colors that would be perfect for any time of the year, especially in winter. These colors could pair well with any flower or greenery. Using burlap as a table runner, aisle runners, and on your bouquets will be a great rustic touch that will complement those colors nicely.

Rustic Elegant Winter Wedding

Naked tiered evergreen cake. This tiered cake is especially elegant and is perfect for a winter rustic wedding. Using only white frosting and placing faux evergreen leaves and berries along the sides make this cake look elegant and complex.

This cake can be easily made yourself. A naked cake requires little frosting, and faux berries and evergreen can be found at craft stores or online.

Evergreen & candle table runner. Place evergreen and greenery of your choice along the center of your tables, placing lit candles with them. This will give an elegant and romantic look to your tables while adding some lighting and decoration. You could use restored candlesticks for even more of an elegant and rustic touch. You could also place faux berries and pine cones with them.

Wood disc table setting. Place a large wood disc under each plate at your reception tables. This will add a rustic look to your tables while giving them an elegant feel. You could have your wood discs engraved with your wedding date, you and your spouse’s initials, or a kind message. You could also have smaller discs engraved as wedding favors at your guest’s seats.

Stringed lights in a bottle. Take an old clear wine bottle and filling them with stringed lights is a beautiful way to add lighting to an area. You can make or purchase these and place them around your reception area, and on each table. You could also use the same idea but replacing the stringed lights with candles.

What are your favorite rustic winter wedding theme ideas? Share in the comments!

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