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19 Neutral Wedding Color Palette Ideas

Having a neutral wedding is great for any season, and are good for an outdoor wedding. Neutral colors include beige, brown, gray, ivory, taupe, and blush. These colors all blend well together and are very elegant. Here are some ways to incorporate these neutral colors into your wedding.

For your bridesmaid dress, you may want to choose something like a blush or dusty rose color. Blush and taupe go well together, as well as beige. Using these colors in your attire is a great way to use the neutral color theme. Use light pink roses and light faded greenery.

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Above were only a few ways to use the neutral color theme in your wedding. Continue reading to find out how to use it in your nail color, lipstick, and bouquets.

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Best Neutral Wedding Lipstick

Nude. About the most neutral lipstick, you can get is a nude shade of lipstick. There are many shades which all depend on your shade of skin. Each brand has their own names for each nude color, so you would have to choose with your best judgment.

Blush. Blush or light pink colored lipsticks are also a good choice if you want your lipstick to have a little more color. If you wear lipstick you know you can get a lipstick in just about every shade of pink there is. Using the lightest and most delicate color of pink you can find would be perfect for a neutral wedding.

Beige. Although beige is similar in color to nude, it isn’t the same thing. Some beige lipsticks have a more metallic look, that could also work for a neutral wedding without looking too fancy. Beige has a few different shades, so be careful not to mix them up with nude.

Best Neutral Wedding Nail Color

Nude. Using just a simple nude-colored nail polish is a great neutral color that is perfect for this wedding theme. This color would go with literally any dress or color and could be used for any theme of the wedding.

French nails. French nails are perfect for any wedding as they are versatile and can match any dress or color scheme. They usually cost a little more than normally painted nails if you want them done professionally, but are quite worth it as they can last longer than colored nails.

Blush & white glitter. These nails may sound much more glamorous but surprisingly they are a great option for a neutral wedding. Use a very light pink or blush color and sprinkle a small amount of white glitter on the wet nails. This will give a very pretty look that will match your neutral wedding theme well.

Light gray & taupe. These colors are perfect for a neutral-colored wedding, as they match nicely with nude colors. Using rose gold glitter for accents with these colored nails a great addition when used sparingly.

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Men’s Neutral Wedding Suit

Light gray. This is a great neutral color that would work for any season and would match this color palette. Although lighter shades of gray work best for a neutral wedding theme, you could use different shades of medium and light grays. Darker grays wouldn’t be ideal for this theme.

Beige or tan. Beige and/or tan are great colors that match the neutral wedding color palette. This is a great alternative to having nude wedding suits as they don’t appeal to most. These color suits would look good with greenery or light pink colored boutonniere.

Brown. If you feel that beige or tan are too light or don’t match your color theme, then brown is the perfect alternative. There are a few different shades of brown, as there are some that are lighter than others. Using a lighter shade of brown would be more ideal, depending on your personal taste.

Neutral Color Wedding Dress

White. The traditional white wedding dress is so popular because it can match literally every color palette you would use in your wedding. White is an elegant color that is perfect for every and any occasion. Even in a neutral-colored wedding a white wedding dress still is an excellent choice.

Cream. Although a cream-colored and white-colored wedding dress are similar, they are still different. Cream still has the many advantages of white and will go with a neutral themed wedding just as well as white.

Nude. Nude is one of the main colors in a neutral themed wedding. Having your wedding dress be colored nude is a great way to have your dress match your neutral wedding theme. This dress would look really good with a greenery bouquet and french style nails.

Neutral Dresses for a Wedding

Light pink. Light pink or blush are neutral colors that still have color. With the addition of nude or gray, this could be a very elegant yet simple color palette for your wedding. There are so many styles for bridesmaid dresses, and it depends on the season. This dress would look great as a sleeveless or one-shoulder style dress.

Gray. A gray bridesmaid dress is perfect for a neutral themed wedding and is good for a winter wedding. A gray dress would look good in a longer style dress, halter gown, or empire waist. Short dresses are more a spring and summer style dress and should be lighter colors like pink and white.

Nude. This color dress would look good in any style, length, or any design. This color is perfect for a neutral themed wedding. French nails and nude lipstick would go well with this dress. Use greenery and small light-colored flowers for your bouquets.

Neutral Wedding Bouquet

Greenery. Greenery matches so many themes and color schemes, and if you get the right kind of greenery it will match the neutral theme good. Baby’s breath and dusty miller are two kinds of greenery that would look good in a greenery bouquet. Using small white flowers in your bouquet also would bring out a little color.

White rose. White roses are very versatile and can match any wedding theme. Using white roses with greenery or by themselves are a perfect bouquet combination for a neutral themed wedding.

Hydrangeas. Using white flowers to complement a bouquet is a great way to add color. Hydrangeas are large flowers that could make up an entire bouquet themselves. Using some greenery in a hydrangea bouquet would help bring out the color and make the bouquet fuller.

What are your favorite neutral color palette wedding theme ideas? Share in the comments!

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