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5 Wedding Reader Gift Ideas and Etiquette

If you’re thinking about thank you gifts for your wedding party and helpers, you’re probably wondering if you should get a gift for your reader at the ceremony.

So, what is a good gift for readers at your wedding ceremony? Most people agree that while the reader plays a small part in the wedding ceremony, you should still give them a small gift. A simple thank you card with an inexpensive gift such as a gift card, a small piece of jewelry, lotion, etc.

Here are more great gift ideas that are perfect for the readers at your wedding.

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Wedding Reader Gift Etiquette

Getting your wedding reader a gift is not necessary, but a nice gesture. After all, the wedding reader isn’t required to give as much time or money as bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, etc.

However, the wedding reader still has to take time out of their day to attend your rehearsal and potentially practice reading your passage. Therefore, a simple thank you gift would be appropriate.

It’s likely that your wedding readers are not expecting a gift for their simple role in your special day. However, it’s still a very thoughtful idea to get them a gift to thank them.

5 Simple Wedding Reader Gift Ideas

Thank you card. Whether you decide to purchase a small gift or not, you should definitely get them a nice card and write something thoughtful and appreciative. Your wedding reader feels special that you asked them to take a role in their wedding ceremony. It likely feels like a bigger role to them then it does to you. Showing your appreciation through a simple thank you card is the least you can do.

Corsage or boutonniere. Another simple gift that you can give to your wedding reader, is to purchase a corsage or boutonniere that they can wear during the ceremony. In the same way that you might get a corsage/boutonniere for the parents of the bride and groom, ushers, etc., it’s just as nice to get one for your wedding reader.

Gift card. Many people like to give a gift card with a thank you note for their wedding reader. You could get a Visa gift card that your reader can use anywhere or get something more personal. Here are some different types of gift cards you could gift to your wedding reader.

  1. Local spa

  2. Local coffee shop

  3. Restaurant

  4. Gas card

  5. Amazon gift card

  6. iTunes or Google Play card

Lotions and manicure set. This gift idea isn’t the best for male wedding readers, but your female readers will love it and be surprised at such a useful gift. Try to think about what the specific person might like so that you don’t end up giving them a scent they won’t like.

Necklace, bracelet, or earrings. Another great gift for female wedding readers is a beautiful necklace or bracelet that your reader will love. There are some great options on Amazon for wedding gifts that you can give to your wedding party and helpers. Just ensure that the jewelry you give matches your wedding reader’s taste.

In Conclusion

While a gift isn’t necessary, it’s a nice gesture to give your wedding readers a gift to thank them for their simple role in your wedding.

Feel free to share your gift ideas for wedding readers in the comments!

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