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53 Wedding Registry Items You Forget to Include

When it comes to thinking about all the different things that you’re going to need in your new home, it’s easy to miss important items. I compiled this list of often forgetting registry items that I want to be sure to include on my own registry when the time comes.

There are some items that you won’t even realize you don’t have until the time comes when you need it.

Let’s face it, there are few times in life where you can make a list of items you want (no matter the cost) and people will actually buy them for you. So you don’t want to forget the most important things!

I’ve looked through various things around my own house and what other people have noted online and come up with a great list of commonly forgotten items.

If you can think of more items that you forgot or almost forgot to put on your wedding registry, feel free to share in the comments!

Most Commonly Forgotten Wedding Registry Items

Essential Oil & Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers are becoming more and more popular. You can use it throughout your new place and it’s great for infusing the air with natural and healthy resources. It’s also a great air freshener. Don’t forget to register for some essential oils as well. Some great ones to have on hand are lavender, thieves, tea tree oil, peppermint, and lemon.


You’ll likely want to decorate your new home with things that you like. Very few people like plain walls with no decor. Pick out items that you think will look good in your new place, whether it’s a painting or decorative pieces with cute and inspirational sayings on them.

Picture Frames for Wedding Photos

You’re probably going to go out and buy some picture frames anyway, so you might as well include it on your wedding registry, right!? You may want to register for multiple in different sizes so that you can display various prints around your house.

Decorative Pillows

I probably never would have thought of this. Decorative pillows are so versatile and add a great touch to the decor. Put them on the bed, couch, a bench, and wherever it works! You could even register for outdoor pillows if you plan to have a patio set.


This could be the first gift your use if you plan on going on a honeymoon, but not many people think to ask for it. You can register for a cute set of luggage that matches your personality and will be very useful for future trips.

Christmas Decorations

If you get married in the spring or summer, Christmas probably isn’t even on your mind, but it will be. You’ll wish you added some Christmas decor items to your registry, so go do that now! Don’t forget to put a Christmas tree on your registry too (unless you plan to get a real one). The cost of Christmas decorations adds up so you might as well see if you can have some gifted to you.


Maybe people do use clocks so much since we pretty much have one attached to us at all times, but they also make very cool decorative items too. You can never have too many clocks around the house so you might as well register for a couple of them. You could even register for one of those digital clocks that tell you the temperature too.

Storage Bins

Now here is one thing you can probably never have enough! You could register for basic storage totes for off-season clothes, storage items, etc. You can also pick out some decorative bins and baskets that you’ll use for storage on shelves and such.

Patio Furniture

Very few people think about asking for patio furniture, lawn chairs, a fire pit, outdoor swing, etc. If you have the room for it at your new place, why not make it complete with the proper outdoor furniture?


Some houses come with terrible lighting. Add a few different lamps to your registry – one for the office, bedroom, living room, etc. This is something that many people forget but will be very thankful to have in their new house.

Board Games

Nothing means bonding like a little competition, right!? Most people have a favorite childhood game. Might as well add some of your most memorable board games to your registry to have at your own home.

Floor Rugs

I thought this was a great idea. Area rugs can get expensive but it might just be something your place needs. Add it to your registry and someone might just get it for you!

Bed Sheets

This one might seem a little obvious, but don’t just register for one set. Maybe register for one really nice, high thread count bed sheet set and a couple other cheaper sets. Plus, it’s nice to have an extra set if you have a guest bedroom.

House Plants

Not everyone is a houseplant person, but it can be a great addition to your new place. You can register for succulents that will require less maintenance or full-size houseplants. If you want to get some plants locally, you could register for some decorative pots to have on hand when you buy your plants.


You’re bringing all your clothes with you, but do you have all the hangers you need? Or maybe your guy isn’t much for hanging things but you’d prefer to do so… time to ask for some hangers. 🙂 It never hurts to have a few extra hangers on hand anyway.

Welcome Mat

Because nothing says “Welcome to our new home” like a welcome mat at the front door. This is a great idea for the wedding registry. There are a lot of different options for welcome mats that you will find to put on your registry.

Computer Printer

A printer comes in handy for a lot of different things. You’ll probably already have a laptop, tablet, and phone so make sure to ask for a printer that is wireless-ready to make things easier. You could even add some paper and ink to your registry so that you’ll have everything you need to get started.

Roku TV or Amazon Fire Stick

I’m guessing you will probably already have TV but you could turn it into a smart TV with a Roku or Amazon Fire Stick – why not ask for that on your registry.

Ring Doorbell (or similar brand)

This may not apply to you if you’re in an apartment or renting, but it’s the perfect registry gift for your own home. A must-have in my book! A video doorbell really easy to install and it will make you feel much safer at home. Especially since with it being your first home, you might not be able to live in the best neighborhood.

Device Charging Station

You’re both likely to bring a few devices with you into this marriage so a device charging station is a perfect gift! These make things so convenient and provide a tidy place to charge all of your devices in one place!

Amazon Prime Subscription

I’m not sure if an Amazon Prime Subscription can be added as an item on your Amazon Wedding Registry, but if you have a wedding website, you can include this as a gift idea. Plus you’ll get a lot more advantages with it throughout the next year. You’ll have to renew the subscription when the year is over if you decide to keep it.

Fancy Dinnerware

Most people register for day-to-day dinnerware but what about fancy dishes for entertaining and holidays? It would be nice to have a larger fancy set of dishes on hand. Consider asking for a set that has enough place settings for 8 people so that when you have family or a group of friends over, you’ll have enough for everyone.

Seat Cushions

Those dining room chairs are hard! Put a nice set of seat/chair cushions on your registry. You could even register for outdoor seat cushions for your patio furniture.

Knife Sharpener

You’ll probably receive a nice set of knives as a wedding gift, but they’re only nice until they get dull. Having a knife sharpener on hand is a great idea. You can get an electric knife sharpener that just plugs into a wall and you can sharpen knives much easier.

Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer

There are so many things that can be made with apple which makes a peeler/corer/slicer a very handy tool. I’m guessing most people definitely don’t ask for this one. This kitchen tool makes life much easier when it comes to peeling, coring, and slicing apples… you’ll be thankful you have one.

Large Cutting Boards

Large cutting boards are great for when you’re rolling out cookie dough or pie dough. They’re also great for cutting up large quantities. In addition to having a normal size cutting board, register for a larger one too.


If you’re addicted to coffee like me, you’ll definitely want to register for coffee (not just the coffee maker… coffee). Because, what if you wake up the day after the wedding and there is absolutely no coffee in the house… travesty!

Food Thermometer

A food thermometer is essential if you plan to grill or cook a lot of meat. It’s one of those tools that you didn’t realize you needed until you need it. Might as well get it ahead of time.

Dutch Oven

A dutch oven is a great utensil that you can cook in and serve in. Put your roast or pot of stew in the oven or on the stove and set it right on the table. Less dishes to do at the end of the meal!

Nesting Mixing Bowls with Lids

I’m sure you probably have mixing bowls on your list but do you have nesting bowls? This is a great way to save space and if you can get the kind with lids, they’re extra versatile! The lids let you store things in the refrigerator. You can even use the bowls for more than just mixing; you might want to use them for storing chips or other foods.

Bathroom Accessories

Toothbrush holder, soap container, towel rack, shower curtain, toilet paper holder…. toilet seat? Whatever you might need to make your bathroom complete. Don’t forget, if your new place has more than one bathroom, you might want to register for more than one set of accessories.

Laundry Basket

Having a few extra laundry baskets around the house is not a bad idea. They are great for carrying things and storing things temporarily.


You can laugh but the day you need a plunger and don’t have one, it won’t be so funny! 😉 Why not put it on your wedding registry?

House Cleaning Subscription

This is something that probably can’t be put on a registry, but again, if you have a wedding website this could be listed as a unique gift idea.

Cleaning Supplies

Everyone needs a few cleaning supplies and this is a really practical gift for any couple. Make it extra special by getting only all-natural, chemical-free cleaning supplies.

Electric Toothbrushes

This is probably not something that’s commonly seen on a wedding registry for sure. It might be a great idea to add electric toothbrushes to your registry though! You can include replacement toothbrush heads too.

Backyard Grill

A gas or charcoal grill is a great item to put on your wedding registry and one that people often miss when thinking of items they might want to need. Don’t forget to include the grilling accessories as well.

Cordless Drill

There are a lot of little “honey-do” projects that can be finished with a cordless drill… from hanging picture frames to putting together furniture pieces.

Snow Shovel, Rake, etc.

Everyone is going to need snow shovels, rakes, and other lawn tools at one time or another (unless you’re living in an apartment, I suppose). You can’t go wrong with some outdoor tools.

Lawn Mower

You might already have one if you’ve been moved out for a while, but a lawnmower is definitely something that couples forget to put on their list.

Weed Eater

Just like the lawnmower, this is a needed item that most people don’t think about. You can get some really nice battery operated weed eaters!

Camping Gear

This probably isn’t something that interests every couple, but if you enjoy the outdoors, why not put a few camping items on your registry for future camping trips. Some camping gear you might include is a tent, lantern, cast iron pans, picnic supplies, etc.

Tool Set

You can get a lot done with just a few basic tools. Put a tool-set on your list that provides a variety of tools that you might need around the house. A basic toolset should include a hammer, tape measure, screwdrivers, wrenches, and pliers.

Gas Card

A gas card is a great practical gift that probably can’t be added to a registry but would make a great addition to your unique gift list on your wedding website.

Gift Cards

You can always use cash and gift cards. Whether it’s an Amazon gift card, grocery store card, restaurant gift cards, etc.

Outdoor Games

Having fun games to play in the backyard when you have guests over and entertain in your new home is a great idea for your wedding registry.

Lawn Art

There are a lot of cute lawn art pieces available that are great at showcasing your personality. This is a great thing to register for that will look really nice at your home. You could even register for something that is personalized with your name!

Garden Tools & Seeds

Gardening may not be for everyone, but if you like it, registering for hand shovels, rakes, watering can, and seeds is a really unique idea.

Safety Equipment

If you’ve just moved into your home, you’ll likely want to replace the fire and carbon monoxide alarms. You could also use a fire extinguisher and even a first-aid kit.

Date Night Box

A really cute registry idea is a “date night box” or kit that gives the couple something special to do. For example, Amazon has some movie night kits and other boxes that would make a unique gift.

Ear Plugs

Because almost 50% of the population snores, earplugs might be a good investment. And sometimes everyone just needs a little quiet time!

Air Freshener

I think we all know what the air freshener is for… but actually, it something you would probably buy anyway so….

Matching Pajamas

Matching pajamas can be really cute, but what would be even more funny is matching onesie pajamas with the feet. 🙂

If you think of any more commonly forgotten wedding registry items, please feel free to share in the comments. I’d love to hear your ideas and add them to my list!

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