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8 Pastel Wedding Theme Color Schemes

Having a pastel themed wedding is a great way to enjoy spring! Pastel colors are great for a spring or Easter wedding and are really fun and colorful. Here are some ways you can use pastel in your wedding reception, clothing, and bouquets.

Have each of your bridesmaids wear a different pastel color in the same style of dress. Use colors such as yellow, lavender, blush, and teal. Roses and daisies can come in light-colored pinks, cremes, yellows, and whites. You may be able to find artificial flowers in matching colors to your dresses.

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These are only a few ways to use pastel colors in your wedding. Keep reading to find out how to incorporate them further in your reception, bouquets, and clothing.

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Pastel Artificial Wedding Bouquet

Artificial tulip bouquet. Tulips come in so many colors and can make a beautiful pastel bouquet or boutonniere. Using creme or light pink colored tulips are the best as they can versatile to the pastel colors you use.

Wrapping your bouquet together with silk or burlap is another great way to bring out the color in these flowers.

Artificial rose pastel bouquet. Roses can come in many colors, especially when artificial. Using a creme, and light peach-colored roses are great choices as they go with many other colors. Adding pink roses, and small amounts of greenery can help bring many colors and types of flowers together.

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Pastel Colors Wedding Attire

Light pink. Light pink is a great pastel color that can go well with about anything. Using creme color instead of white also helps to keep the pastel theme. When having one color, you have a few choices for bridesmaid dresses.

Using one color you can have all identical dress or the same color with many different styles of dresses. Your groomsmen can all have their shirts or jackets be light pink or even both.

Light blue, lavender, & light pink. These colors are truly pastel and are perfect for any spring wedding. These colors would look great in any length or style dress. Have each of your bridesmaids wear a different color and then pairing them with the groomsmen who has the matching color. This is a great way to use all the colors in their own unique way.

Using white roses and tulips in your bouquets is a great way to have flowers that match all the colors.

Yellow, peach, pink, & gray. These pastels are for those who want pastel colors that aren’t so bright. Using gray helps keep a balance with the lighter and darker colors. Using a darker blue instead of gray also is an option.

Using red or hot pink roses is another way to balance the dark and light colors. The shades of the colors are really what makes it pastel-colored. Blues have many shades and using the right shade is what really can determine what your theme is.

Pastel Wedding Reception Ideas

Pastel flower centerpieces and table runners. Pastel-colored flowers are almost essential to any pastel themed wedding. Place bouquets of pastel flowers on each table. If you have more than one pastel color in your wedding, put different colored table cloths on each table and match the flowers to the cloth.

For your head table, you could place separate bouquets or make a long table runner of different pastel-colored flowers that correspond with your wedding theme. You could even add small amounts of greenery to complement the flowers.

Pastel balloons & banners. Placing matching pastel-colored balloons and banners around your reception venue is a great way to continue the pastel theme. You can find these at any party supply store or even online. Make sure to match the colors well, as it can be harder with pastel colors.

You can find personalized banners online, that will have your wedding date and /or names. You could even get your banner or some balloons in gold or silver as these colors compliment each other well.

Hanging lighting & curtains. In addition to any banners or balloons, you should consider hanging lighting and/or curtains. The lighting looks amazing indoors or outdoors and gives a romantic feel to your wedding reception. Curtains also give a magical and airy feel to your reception.

What are your favorite pastel wedding theme ideas? Share in the comments!

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