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9 Pumpkin Wedding Decorations: Fall Wedding Ideas

Pumpkins are perfect decor items for a fall-themed wedding. If you are wondering how to use pumpkins in your wedding continue reading to find some creative ideas.

Using pumpkins as centerpieces in a great idea, and you can customize your pumpkins for your wedding. You can use paint and glitter to decorate them or even carve them. Use smaller pumpkins for reception tables and you could use bigger ones for your head table.

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Continue reading for more great ideas to use pumpkins of different colors in your wedding reception. You can use pumpkin in cakes, as centerpieces, etc.

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Fall Wedding Ideas With White Pumpkins

White pumpkin name cards. Here is a cute table place cards idea. Using small white pumpkins, attach a paper name tag using some twine to the stem of the pumpkin. This will make a cute name card that can double as a wedding favor.

White pumpkin candlesticks. Here is a cool idea for a table centerpiece or decor. Using a gold candlestick holder, place a small white pumpkin on top of each holder. You could paint the pumpkins gold for more color and surround the holders with larger pumpkins and greenery.

Pumpkin card container. This is an awesome way to add to your pumpkin themed wedding. Using either a pumpkin-shaped container or a carved out pumpkin, you can make a super cute card box. Simply carve out a pumpkin and make an area on the outside big enough to insert a card. You will need to use a rather large pumpkin for this.

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Wedding Centerpieces Using Pumpkins

White pumpkin flower vase. This is a great idea for a pumpkin styled flower vase. Carve out a pumpkin or maybe you can find a pumpkin-shaped bowl at a decor store. You can then fill the pumpkin with flowers, greenery, etc. Place these around your reception area and surround with lit candles for extra effect.

White pumpkins with candles. In a jack o’ lantern style, carve out a pumpkin and place a lit candle on the inside. You could use a small scentless candle or pumpkin spice or a fall-themed scented candle.

Pumpkin & wood disc centerpiece. Here is a simple pumpkin themed wedding centerpiece. Place some small white pumpkins on a wood disc decorated with greenery and flowers.

Wedding Cake With Pumpkins

Naked cake & pumpkins. Naked cakes are super easy and simple to make and would look decorated with small white pumpkins and greenery. You could even use fondant and make edible pumpkins for your cake. Flavoring your cake pumpkin spice is also a fun idea.

Pumpkin cake topper w/ leaves. Small pumpkins make great cake toppers for fall themed weddings. Your cake can be as simple as a white frosted cake with one or two layers. You can add fall colored leaves along the sides for extra decoration and small pumpkins on top. You could even paint the pumpkins gold or cover some glitter.

White pumpkins & greenery. Here is a simple idea to decorate your wedding cake. This idea would work with any size of cake. Simply place white pumpkins around the base, layers, or top of your cake You can then use greenery to decorate the cake at the base or wrap it around the cake.

What are your favorite pumpkin fall wedding theme ideas? Share in the comments!

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