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9 Sunflower and Rose Wedding Theme Ideas

Sunflowers and roses are beautiful flowers that are perfect for a summer or fall wedding. If you have chosen these flowers as the theme of your wedding you may be wondering how you can incorporate them. Here are a few beautiful and simple ways to use roses and sunflowers in your wedding.

Using roses and sunflowers in your wedding is very simple. You can start by having your bouquet be filled with these beautiful flowers. You can make flower crowns for your bridesmaids and boutonnieres for your groomsmen. Have your wedding colors be yellow and whichever color rose that you choose.

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These are a few simple and easy ways to use sunflowers and roses at your wedding. Continue reading to find out how you can incorporate them into your reception, cake, bouquet, and wedding invitations.

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Rose and Sunflower Wedding Cake

Artificial flowers. When making a simple sunflower and rose cake, simply cover the cake in white frosting and add artificial flowers around the cake. You can also add frosting that looks like vines or leaves. This can work for one layer or tiered cakes. This gives a realistic and beautiful look to your cake. This can be done simply by yourself or you can get a bakery to make this cake for you with the same concept.

Cupcakes. Using the concept above you can make cupcakes for your guests to replace cake. You could still make a small cake for the bride and groom. Using frosting you can make flower designs on your cake or cupcakes instead of fake or candied flowers.

Wood cake stand. Using a wood cake stand gives a beautiful rustic touch to compliment the rose and sunflower. These wood stands can be found at almost any home decor store, online, or you can have one custom made for your cake. These stands look like wood discs and are commonly made from oak or pine.

Cake topper. Another way you can add roses or sunflowers to your wedding cake is with a topper. These can be as extravagant or as simple as you like. Using real flowers on a topper is a great touch or you can use fake ones as well.

Using a twig grapevine topper is a beautiful touch as well you can add your traditional bride and groom toppers with roses and sunflowers surrounding this.

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Sunflower and Blue Rose Wedding Bouquet

Sunflower, blue rose, and white rose. This combination of flowers is a beautiful mix for your wedding. They look wonderful together and are perfect for summer weddings. Adding the touch of white rose makes the other flowers stand out and bring it all together.

Sunflower, blue rose, & greenery. Adding greenery to your blue rose and sunflower bouquet adds a very natural look while helping the contrast of the colors. With this array of flowers, you can have a very large bouquet that gives a very magical wedding look. You can add any kind of greenery to your bouquet as these flowers leave much room for creativity.

Burlap and lace. Tying the bottom of your bouquet with burlap or lace gives a rustic look that is great for any season or theme. Burlap goes great with any flower or color, and lace would look great with sunflowers, blue roses, and white roses.

Sunflower and Yellow Rose Wedding Bouquet

Sunflower, yellow rose, and hydrangeas. Adding small white hydrangeas to your sunflower and yellow rose bouquet is a beautiful alternative to greenery or daisies. Wrapping the bottom of this bouquet in some burlap or lace is also a great idea as it brings these colors together in a beautiful way.

Sunflower, yellow rose, and greenery. Greenery is the perfect addition to any bouquet and is great when added to sunflowers and yellow rose. The greenery gives a natural look and makes the colors stand out better. You could use any greenery for this bouquet, such as myrtle or ivy.

What are your favorite sunflowers and roses wedding theme ideas? Share in the comments!

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