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Are Battery Operated Candles Tacky for a Wedding?

Adding candles to your wedding ceremony and reception is a romantic touch that helps set the mood. However, you might be worried about the safety of having real candles, especially if there will be children at the wedding. Wondering are battery operated candles tacky for a wedding is a very valid question.

So, are battery operated candles tacky for a wedding? Flameless, battery-powered candles are not tacky when used in a creative way. If you plan to just throw a flameless candle on the table with no extra touches, it might look a little tacky. However, using them inside lanterns or jars where the fake flame isn’t the focal point can be a really nice touch.

In addition to safety, the other benefit of using battery-powered candles is you don’t have to worry about wind or weather. If you plan to have an outdoor wedding, flameless candles will be the perfect option so that even a light breeze won’t ruin the ambiance.

Another idea, to make them look less tacky, is to get the type of battery-powered candles that flicker. It adds a more realistic feel to them and makes the candles appear less fake.

Real Candle Alternatives for Your Wedding That Aren’t Tacky

Here are some really great battery-powered candles that you could consider using for your wedding.

Flickering Flameless Candles with Timers and Remote Control

Made of frosted plastic and won’t melt, they are great to set as a table setting indoor and no worry about melting in the direct sunlight.

Flameless Flickering Tea Lights

These flameless tea light candles are made of quality materials, combined with realistic bright flickering flames, making them look more like real candles

Flickering Flameless Birch Candles

Enjoy real battery candles without fire, smoke, messy dripping wax or stained tablecloth. These kid-friendly flameless birch candles are a great choice.

Metal Cage LED Table Lamp

Metal battery lanterns are hand-painted with a distinguished, rustic metal finish effect. Bronze and black metal feature a distressed brushed look. Simple design will add classic beauty and create a vintage look.

Silver Real Wax Battery Powered Candle

These flameless candles feature an analog wick design, making an illusion that it is a true candle. A warm yellow glow is given by the LED bulb inside the silver candle, to bring golden lighting effects, perfectly creating a warm atmosphere.

Gold Coated Wax and Flickering Amber Yellow Flameless Candles

Unscented battery operated candle with timer for Coffee Table Decor, wedding centerpieces for tables.

Beautyard Outdoor Solar Flickering Candles Lights

Such cute solar garden lights have a nice flickering candle effect which adds a warm ambiance to the outdoors when 6 pieces light up together.

Seashell Ivory Wax Flameless LED Battery Operated Pillar Candles

Embedded with real seashells, this set of 3 coastal-inspired pillar candles is the perfect decoration, whether displayed on your mantel or as a tabletop decoration.

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