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Coronavirus Wedding Plans: Alternative Ideas

Dear heartbroken bride,

My heart absolutely breaks for you! I’m so sorry that it has come to this. You’ve spent so much time dreaming and planning – and in the matter of a few days, it’s all fallen apart.

With all of the uncertainty surrounding the current COVID-19 outbreak, the future seems so unclear.

Should you reschedule? Should you just elope?

Will venues be overbooked too by the time this crisis is over?

How much money will you be able to get back?

And the list goes on.

As I’ve been reading many heartbreaking Facebook posts from brides-to-be that have made the tough decision to cancel (or had their wedding venues cancel on them), I’ve seen some really great alternative ideas. You might find some of these helpful as you try to pick yourself back up and move on.

For help with knowing how to word your wedding cancellation message, check out my post How to Write a Cancel Wedding Announcement in Light of COVID-19

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Elope now, Party later

The most popular choice I’ve seen, especially since no one really knows when this mess will be over, is to simply elope on your planned wedding date. All you need is a couple witnesses, a minister or justice of the peace, and your marriage license.

Then, once COVID-19 blows over, you can plan a fun reception and party to your heart’s content with all of your friends and family. I’ve even seen some people plan to have their reception on their one year anniversary.

And just think, if you do it this way, you get to dress up in your beautiful gown two times instead of just once! 🙂

Live Stream the Wedding

Another great option is to live stream your wedding on Facebook Live or YouTube.

This is especially helpful if you plan on being married in a church that already has the equipment because they live stream their services.

You’ll still need to have a few people as possible, but between you, the groom, maid of honor, best man, the officiant, and both parents of the couple, that’s nine people (assuming your state has prohibited gatherings of over 10 people). It can definitely be done!

Then, plan to have your reception at a later date when you can celebrate and party with all of your friends and family!

Lastly, Keep it all in Perspective.

I know it’s heartbreaking. I know you’ve been planning and dreaming about this for months.

There are many brides who feel your sorrow and pain.

But, just remember that this is one day in a lifetime of love and happiness. You’ll look back, when the dust settles and toilet paper is on the shelves again, and laugh at the chaos. By then, you’ll have made so many new memories with your man that you wouldn’t take any of it back.

Love and prayers,


PS – I would love to hear what your alternative plans are. Feel free to leave a comment below and share your story.

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