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Getting Married on a Sunday in Church: Is it Appropriate?

When planning your wedding date you may wonder if you can be married in church on a Sunday. This would definitely be more convenient for you and your fiance. Here is the answer.

It will all depend on your church and what state you live in. Some churches, such as the Catholic church, will let you be married on Sunday depending on where you live. If you wanted to be married in your church on a Sunday then you should simply inquire with your pastor whether this could be arranged or not.

Continue reading for more on what day you should be married.

Can I Get Married During The Week?

If you have been looking for a wedding venue, you may have discovered that rent is cheaper on weekdays. Here are some opinions on being married during a weekday.

Monday through Wednesday. There is legally nothing stopping you from having your wedding on a weekday, although it isn’t as convenient as having your wedding on a weekend. It can be kind of frustrating for your guests to have to take a day off work in order to attend your wedding. But if you are having a smaller wedding with mostly family, then you may be able to pull off having your wedding on a weekday.

Thursday. Although Thursday is still considered a weekday, it is the most ideal weekday to have your wedding. Having it late in the afternoon or at night on a Thursday would be better since it isn’t the middle of the week. Venues generally call Friday a weekend, but even if you could manage to get a Friday night wedding that would still work. Just make sure when planning the wedding date you keep in mind any family or friends that will be traveling to attend your wedding.

What Day of the Week is Best to Get Married?

It can be difficult to choose your wedding date, whether you have it on a weekend or weekday. Here are some days that people generally get married on.

Saturday. Most weddings are held on Saturdays since it is a weekend and people don’t have to take a day off work. Having a weekend wedding is really more convenient and works well for almost everybody. But since Saturdays are so commonly used as a wedding day, rates for venues can be especially expensive.

Friday. Friday night weddings are also pretty common. Guests can attend your wedding after work or take the day off if they have to travel. After having a long night on Friday they can have all the weekend to relax. Having a Friday wedding just works well in general for everybody.

Sunday. Sunday is another popular wedding date, as weekends are just the general time to have a wedding. Like Saturday, everything seems to work out better. But for those who have to attend work again on Monday, you might want to consider having an early wedding, so your guests aren’t having a late night. 

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