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HELP! Family Mad About Destination Wedding

Although destination weddings may be a beautiful setting for your wedding, they can be an inconvenience to family and guests.

So how can you make peace between you and your angered family? Well, there are a few options. If you still have time before your wedding you may be able to change the location to another place. Another option is to have a small reception after your original destination wedding. That way the family and guests that don’t want to travel can still enjoy your special day.

Here are some more ideas for destination wedding alternatives.

What Are Some Alternatives to Destination Weddings?

Destination weddings are usually also beautiful weddings and can be perfect during the summer. But if you can’t afford it or your guests don’t want to travel, you may want to seek some alternatives.

There are several options that can compare to destination weddings, without the hassle and traveling expenses. Here are some great ideas for your wedding that can be a beautiful and amazing alternative to a destination wedding.

Themed Wedding. Having a theme for your wedding can replace the style and atmosphere of your destination. If you wanted to go to a national park for your wedding, you could choose a rustic theme instead. This is a simple idea that can be used at any location and could even cut your expenses.

Local Destination. If you wanted your destination wedding to be at a non-specific beach or park, then you may be able to find a closer location near you and your guests. This may lower travel time for guests and make the process a whole lot easier without completely giving up on your destination wedding.

Have a party later. This option allows you to keep your destination wedding, but still, includes guests that don’t want to travel. After you return home from your destination wedding you could throw another reception or small party to celebrate with people that did not get to join your actual ceremony.

Pay for guest travel. This idea is more expensive, but worth it for some to have their loved ones or friends with them on their special day. If the inconvenience and expense of travel are too much for certain of your family or friends, you could choose to pay for their gas, plane tickets, or lodging for them to attend your wedding. This idea is better for those who are having a smaller wedding with mostly family or close friends This way you could have both your family and your destination wedding!

Honeymoon. This final option is that you and your spouse could instead travel to this certain destination as a honeymoon, instead of having your actual wedding here. You could also choose to one day renew your vows in that place if you choose not to have your wedding there. These ideas save money as well as give something to look forward too after your wedding day.

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