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What to Include in Wedding Welcome Bags – cute ideas!

If you’re wondering what to include in wedding welcome bags, I’ve compiled a bunch of cute ideas in this post!

So what are the essentials that you should include in wedding welcome bags? Depending on the theme or location of your wedding, the contents of your welcome bag should relate. Wedding welcome bag contents should include, something to drink, a snack item, brochure for the venue and amenities, a wedding itinerary, and some sort of small thank you gift/souvenir.

You can get really creative and fun with your wedding welcome bag ideas and it will be something your guests will remember. Here are some great ideas of what you could include as part of your welcome bag for each of the essential items.

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The Wedding Welcome Bag

The cheapest route would be to buy these white paper bags and “Welcome to our Wedding” stickers to put on the bags.

Add a little tissue paper around your gifts and you have a fairly inexpensive welcome bag.

If you want to go a little more personalized, I really love these personalized tote bag ideas on Cafepress.

Ordering is super simple. Just fill in your personalized details, the quantity, and have them shipped right to your house!

Wedding Welcome Bag Drinks

Water. Water bottles are always one of the easiest to include. You can even get custom labeled water bottles like this kit on Etsy.

Local favorite. Perhaps you’re having a destination wedding and there is a particular coffee or wine that is native to the area. This would make the perfect drink to add to your welcome bag.

Refreshing drink. If your wedding is in a hot location, something like lemonade, juice, or tea will hit the spot for guests who are looking for a refreshing drink. This works better if their hotel room offers a refrigerator.

Warm drink. Maybe you’re having a winter wedding. Including a packet of hot cocoa, tea, or coffee (either enough grounds for a pot or a k-cup) is a great idea. Just make sure your hotel has the means for your guests to be able to prepare these drinks.

Wedding Welcome Bag Snacks

You can go super simple and pick things that most people will like; chips, candy, gum, mints, etc. Or you could find local favorites to include and enhance your destination wedding experience.

Fresh fruit. This is always an easy one. Maybe you’re in a tropical area for a beach wedding. Fresh oranges, banana’s, etc would make the perfect addition to your wedding welcome bag.

Chocolate. You can’t go wrong with chocolate unless of course, the area you’re in is so hot that the chocolate will melt. That wouldn’t be cool for your guests. Otherwise, almost everyone loves chocolate.

Sweet and salty. Give your guests some variety with both sweet and salty snacks. Salty treats might include chips, crackers, nuts, pretzels, etc. Where as sweet snacks might include dried fruit and candy. You could also buy a large quantity of sweet and salty trail mix from Sam’s Club, Walmart, Costco, etc. Get some little baggies and separate them out for each guest with some fun ribbon and custom labels.

Wedding Welcome Bag Program & Itinerary

This will be one of the most important pieces in your wedding welcome bag. Your guests need to know what’s going on, where they’re supposed to be, and what time they’re supposed to be there.

Make sure to include special instructions to family and special friends who are included in invite-only event such as the rehearsal dinner, post-wedding brunch, etc.

You can also include brochures about the hotel amenities, area attractions, nearest restaurants, etc.

Thank You Gift Souvenir

Thank your guests to coming to your wedding with some sort of personalized gift or local souvenir.

You could get custom etched glasses, candles, drink cups, the ideas are endless. Instead of something personalized, you could get gifts from local shops in the area of your destination. These types of gifts would be something that your guest would probably use or display more often and make for a great memory.

I hope this give you some good ideas for what to include in your wedding welcome bag. If you have more ideas, please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments! I’d love to hear!

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