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Hot Pink and Black Wedding Ideas

Hot pink and black are two very contrasting colors that work well for each other. The hot pink and black wedding ideas theme can be used for any season.

Hot pink and black make us think of Barbie or perhaps the 1950’s era of poodle skirts and carhops. However, these two colors pair beautifully for a wedding, don’t be afraid to tackle this theme for your wedding.

In this article…

In this post, we will discover how to use hot pink and black for wedding centerpieces, wedding bouquets, general decor ideas and even some awesome shoes to add to your wedding theme. You can make a bold and beautiful statement at your wedding with these colors.

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Black White And Hot Pink Wedding Centerpiece

Mason Jars. Paint mason jars black and fill them with beautiful hot pink flowers. You can either DIY these or you can purchase the jars already painted. Wrap an offsetting color of ribbon around the mouth of the jar to complete the look.

Flowers. Fill clear vases with hot pink silk roses. Add in two or three black silk roses to the face. Complete the look with hot pink, black and white ribbon. The offsetting colors will be stunning.

Zebra Platter. Want to add a fun element to your wedding decor. Consider using zebra platters as centerpieces. Place a candle in the center and then surround with hot pink and black rose petals.

Cylinder Vases. Purchase elegant black cylinder vases to fill with towering hot pink roses and place in the center of each table. This gives an elegant and glamorous look to every table. Paired with a hot pink tablecloth this look would be stunning.

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Hot Pink And Black Wedding Bouquets

Hot Pink Roses with Black Ribbon. Use a full bouquet of hot pink roses either real or artificial and wrap the stems with a wide black ribbon. You can also use some rhinestone ribbon on the base of the stems to make for a more glamorous look.

Lilies and Roses. Use a combination of white lilies and hot pink and black roses to make a stunning bouquet. As always wrap the stems with hot pink or black ribbon.

Gerber Daisies. When hot pink flowers come to mind, gerber daisies are always a first thought. Use a bouquet of gerber daisies in all hot pink, wrap the stems in black ribbon. This would be a very economical yet lovely bouquet.

DIY. Purchase a simple white silk flower bouquet and then embellish it yourself with hot pink and black accents. Use lace, beads, gems, and ribbons to make it your own. Might want to consider purchasing two so that you have to practice on.

Hot Pink and Black Wedding Decor Ideas

Hot pink and black balloons. Hot pink and black balloons are stunning together. Have them tied together to make an arch for the entryway of your reception. For a fun element use zebra-striped ribbon as the strings on the balloons.

Hot pink and black ribbon. Use curling ribbon to make strands of curls in both pink and black to lay around your tables and other decorations. Put these around your centerpieces, the food and gift tables, the head table and maybe even scatter them on the dance floor.

Paper Lanterns. Hot pink and black paper lanterns hanging around your venue make for a fun and romantic look at your reception. They will add some whimsy to your wedding.

Tablecloths and Napkins. Black tablecloths with stunning hot pink cloth napkins. The two colors contrast so well together that they will be sure to make your tables stand out. Use glassware and silver tableware to add an even more glamorous look.

Hot Pink And Black Wedding Shoes

Hot High Heels. It will be a great surprise to your guests to see you raise your wedding gown and reveal some stunning hot pink and black heels. This will add a fun element to your wedding and will show off your personality on your wedding.

Hot pink ballet slipper. Want to go for more of a comfy feel on your wedding day. These hot pink flats are just what you need and will be a sweet addition to your beautiful wedding gown.

Hot Pink and Black Tennis Shoes. Not into heels or ballet flats, looking for a little more support on your big day. Go for the tennis shoe look under your dress, it’s your day do what you want.

What are your favorite hot pink and black wedding theme ideas? Share in the comments!

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