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How Long Does it Take to Resize a Wedding Ring?

It’s not uncommon to need your wedding ring resized. You might be wondering how it takes to get a wedding ring resized.

So, how long does it take to resize a wedding ring? Local jewelers will have a faster turn around time, they might even be able to have the rings resized on the same day. However, chain jewelers usually have to send rings away to be resized so it usually takes them 7-10 days to get the wedding ring back to you.

Here is more information about how long it takes to resize a wedding ring, the process, how much it costs, and more important information.

The actual process of resizing a wedding ring, whether making it bigger or smaller, can take even as little as 10 minutes from when the jewelers start working on the ring.

Much of the time it takes to resize a wedding ring depends on the ring design, stone settings, and material. Downsizing a wedding ring may take longer.

Additionally, you might also want to know that wedding rings can only be increased or decreased 2 sizes. Otherwise, it puts too much stress on the ring.

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Resize Wedding Ring Bigger

Resizing a wedding ring to be bigger (also known as “upsizing a ring”) is an intricate process and the time/method varies depending on how much larger the ring needs to be.

One method of increasing a ring size is to stretch the metal on the ring. Although, you can usually only increase the ring by a half size this way.

The other method of making your wedding ring bigger is the cut the ring and add a bridge to the metal. Your jeweler will cut the band on the ring’s shank and add a bridge of whichever metal the ring is made out of to increase the size.

Finally, the ring’s shape will be restored and the ring will be cleaned and polished.

Resize Wedding Ring Smaller

Making your wedding ring smaller is much easier than making the ring bigger. The jeweler simply has to cut out a small portion of the band and join them back together. The jeweler will simply solder them back together.

Once the ring is soldered, the jeweler will clean and polish the ring to remove antioxidants that may result from soldering and to smooth its surface.

Wedding Rings That Can’t Be Resized

Unfortunately, there are some rings that cannot be resized so you must be careful to purchase the rings in the size you want them. Here are some of the rings that can’t be resized.

Eternity bands. Eternity rings have stones all the way around the ring. Due to the fact that resizing requires cutting the band and adding or removing some of the metal means eternity rings can’t be resized. There is no exposed metal to work with.

Tension rings. A tension ring holds a gemstone in place by pressure rather than prongs. Therefore, the metal setting is spring-loaded to exert pressure onto the gemstone and hold it in place with small tiny etchings or grooves in the metal to support the gemstone’s edges. The gemstone appears to be suspended in the air with nothing holding it in place. If tension rings are resized, the structural strength that holds the diamond in place is weakened.

Stainless steel, tungsten, or titanium rings. These materials cannot be resized because they’re much too hard to work with. Many men’s wedding bands are made of these materials which means most men’s wedding rings cannot be resized.

The following rings can be resized but they are much more difficult to work with and require more skill. Additionally, it might take longer for these rings to be resized and more traditional wedding rings.

Channel set rings. These rings have stones that set into a groove or channel with metal along both sides. Sometimes the stones in channel set rings go almost all the way around the band. If there is at least a little bit of plain metal at the bottom, it can be resized, but to a limited degree because the stones can become misaligned in the process.

Rose gold rings. It’s not that rose gold can’t be resized, but that that the finished result might not quite look right. Rose gold comes in many different tones (some more red, and some more gold) which makes it difficult for the jeweler to match the exact color and tone of the ring. It’s best to go back to the same retailer for resizing in hopes that they can match it. Additionally, rose gold is a delicate metal, so the ring can crack more easily during resizing.

Cost to Resize Wedding Ring

The cost of resizing a wedding ring complete depends on the ring and type of material it’s made out of.

Simple rings that are easy to resize could cost as little as $20 whereas more complicated ring resizing could cost hundreds of dollars.

You should call around to different jewelers to get estimates on how much wedding ring resizing will cost for your type of ring.

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