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How to Write a Cancel Wedding Announcement in Light of COVID-19

If you’ve had to make the tough decision to cancel your wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, I am so very sorry.

You might be wondering how to tell your guests that your wedding has been canceled, so here are some helpful templates that you can use!

Dear friends and family, As you have heard, many venues have been following the CDC recommendation to limit groups larger than 10 people. With this direction from the CDC, our wedding venue has canceled our wedding day reservation. {Future Husband’s Name} and I are determined to keep the date of {original wedding date} special to us. Therefore, we are going to carry on with our wedding in private with our closest family. We are devastated at the timing of all this but look forward to celebrating with you all at a later date. Love, {Your Names}

Hi, everyone! {Future Husband’s Name} and I hope you are doing well amidst the craziness happening right now. We wanted to reach out to your regarding the plans for our upcoming wedding. After receiving news of the CDC prohibiting gatherings of 10+ people, we have made the heartbreaking decision to postpone our wedding reception. We plan to elope on our scheduled wedding day this year. As of right now, the plan is to celebrate with all of our friends and family with a reception next year on our first anniversary and hopefully, at the same venue. While we are grateful to be healthy and able to be married soon, we are heartbroken that we won’t have our closest friends and family there. Right now, our priority is the health and safety of our loved ones. We love you so much and we cannot wait to celebrate with you next year. Sending our love, The (soon to be) {Last Name}

Dear Friends and Family, As you have seen in the news, the nation is taking many steps to prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

Our wedding venue has followed the recommendations of the CDC and canceled all future April events. Your health and safety is our priority, so we have chosen to postpone our wedding celebration.

We will keep you updated regarding our future wedding details. We may tie the knot sooner rather than later, but rest assured we look forward to celebrating with our loved ones at a later date. 💕 Love,

{Your Names}

{Future Husband’s Name} and I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that it’s in everyone’s best interest to postpone our upcoming wedding celebration. We don’t want to put anyone in danger of getting sick. This hurts, but we have each other and we’re lucky we have our health. Many people do not right now. We look forward to celebrating with our loved ones sooner rather than later. It’ll be quite the shindig when it finally happens. 💜 Keep loving and laughing. We will. We all need each other.

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